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how to date guys

how to date guys

Dating methods are dependent on the culture of individuals but there are common strategies that are applicable to all traditions. Tricks are not needed on how to date guys. A deceived man cannot be kept for a long time and definitely not forever. Improved looks and behaviors really count. Whatever you do, make sure that you practice self-respect so that the guy you want to attract will also respect you. Think of the following and do what’s applicable:

  1. Be beautiful in your own special way. The man for you is the one who likes you the way you are. No need to dress up like somebody else or go under the knife to copy the features of your favorite fashion model. Men may be fascinated by ramp personalities, but they do fall in love with real women. Enhance your looks by choosing a wardrobe that brings out the best in you. Make sure that you are well-groomed and fresh when out and about.

  2. Most guys would want to wait for “come on” signals before asking girls out. Seduction does not have to be sexual.

    u can show your fondness by the way you look and smile at him. Say nice words and act with utmost kindness. Respond with warmth and be positive with his attempt to get close. Appreciate him if he is likeable.

  3. Never give in too soon. Get to know the guy first. Find out if he has genuine intentions of being serious with you.  Don’t be just one of his play buddies. Get close but do not go over your limitations. Keep your decency in the dating game. Remember that guys will always choose good girls for their mates.

  4. Do not invest your emotions during the initial stage of friendship. Making the first steps toward a love relationship is scary for most guys. They might think that you are too desperate to have a boyfriend. It may be true, but you can keep it to yourself.

  5. When you are already comfortable with each other, do not deny the fact that you are in for a long-term steady relationship. This will give the guy an ultimatum to pursue you or not. If he’s really into you, he will not be scared of commitment. This will even drive him to be with you more.

  6. Find common interests to spend your days together. This will serve as rain checks if you are both compatible with each other. Open your mind and heart to reality, whether good or bad. If you are irritated with some of his attitudes, balance them with the positive ones. If you can’t bear it, be honest at least with yourself – he’s probably not the one.

The plan on how to date guys is simple. Just get exposed to quality groups and be the best that you can be. It will not take long before somebody becomes captivated with your ways. Trust that you’ll meet somebody who will be your special someone someday. Do not panic when your age keeps on adding up. Just enjoy yourself and augment your status in life by doing well at work, contributing to charities for worthy causes and joining social activities for personal improvement.


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