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how to date older women

how to date older women

There are a number of good reasons why dating an older woman is preferable. An older woman is secure in her career, sexuality, and character. Roll all these into one and you’ll realize that dating an older woman is adventurous. It’s possible that she has already played few roles in life, like being a wife or a mother. By this time, maybe she is now ready to reclaim her identity as a woman. If you don’t know yet how to date older women, consider the discussion below. Many men have expressed that older women are more intelligent, refined, experienced, self-assured, confident, and know better how to take care of their partner. Older women are able to handle a variety of circumstances, including the hardest situation that a couple has to face. In order not to commit the common mistakes about dating a woman who is older than you, let us identify some of the basic steps that can help your date go smoothly.

  1. Be yourself. Should you be acting older than your age when you are with your older woman? The answer is “no.

    t you can stop playing with your favorite Star Wars collection and keep your comic books in a corner; after all, no woman seems to appreciate childish things like these. When you are together, try to show her the real you. Open the door and pull out a chair for her. Women in general are happy when they are treated in a most special way. Also, while you are a real gentleman, you still need to show humor.

  2. Avoid discussing age. Never ask about her age, especially on your first date. It is impolite to discuss age differences while on a date. Once you notice that you are comfortable with each other, there is no reason why her age should bother you. If she brings up her age, then make no comment about it. That will let her know that her being older does not matter at all to you.  

  3. Let her feel good. Most women love the company of younger guys; hence, you have to show her a good time. You can make her feel great by taking her to one of the most reputable restaurants in town. If she mentions about seeing a movie, join her at the theatre. If you don’t have enough money, ask her to watch the sunset with you. It is very refreshing also if you invite her to have a walk just around the park.

  4. Appreciate the good things about her. Telling a woman that she has nice hair will flatter her right there and then. If you’re lucky, you’ll get in return a sweet smile saying “Thanks for the compliment.” If she has great legs, tantalizing eyes, laughs nicely, or fair makeup, by all means, just let her know. If there are a few things that made you admire her more, tell her about them. It is not too much if you tell her “I like your confidence” or “You have a beautiful spirit.”

  5. Never mention your mother. When you start talking about the qualities of your mother, she’ll feel like you are comparing her with your mother. She’d even think that you are looking for someone who can cook your favorite dish like your mother. However, if she asks about how your mom is doing, then answer her honestly without elaborating any further.

If for whatever reason you feel that there is an older woman who likes you, these relationship tips on how to date older women can help you keep her for life. When it comes to dating older women, always keep in mind that age is merely a number. Never allow the age difference affect you. For more excellent dating tips, you can visit meetyoursweetheart.com and other online dating sites.


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