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how to date Russian women

how to date Russian women

Generally, the basic approaches about dating remain the same irrespective of the kind of persons involved. The rules on how to date Russian women are not really different. You just have to keep your confidence, truthfulness, and good looks in order to achieve a perfect dating experience. Russia is a big country with diverse cultures. Impliedly, if you like a Russian girl, there are some factors that you need to study and consider insofar as the dating process is concerned. Since Russian women are generally conservative, your dating experience can be challenging and difficult. The tips below can greatly help you through.

  1. Learn the Russian perspective. Russian people put greater emphasis on the value of family and social involvement. Thus, when you date a Russian woman, you need to understand and respect her views regarding family relations and social connectivity. Russian women are serious when it comes to relationships; thus, if you are merely looking for a fling, dating Russian women is probably not the path to take.

  2. Study about their history and culture. Most Russian women appreciate men who desire to know the rich culture and history of Russia. Also, they are most thrilled to hear guys who speak their language. In other words, start to learn the Russian language and eventually discover the country’s rich cultural heritage.

  3. Meet her family. Russian women are generally family-oriented. They usually make their decisions with their family members. If at first glance, you get the nod of her family, then you have a better chance of forming a serious love relationship, which can possibly result in marriage.

  4. Observe dating rules. Russians are very frank. They are not used to ambiguity. At the onset, they lay down the basic dating rules that you have to follow. They are keen and observant, thus they can easily tell if you are faking something, especially your attitude. Whatever the rules are, just comply and follow them naturally. Of course, you should not act like someone who you are not.

  5. Avoid long-term promises. Due to the kind of society they live in, Russians have the tendency to become pessimistic. They look at the future as something uncontrollable. With this fact, most Russian women can hardly appreciate long-term promises. Therefore, you need to seize the moment while their interest is still present.

  6. Send love letters. Many Russian women like the old-fashioned ways of dating men, like writing and sending love notes. These gestures create a deep impression on them towards you. During special days, such as birthdays, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Valentines’ Day, anniversaries and all other important occasions, make sure to send her a love letter; the sooner it reaches her, the better.

  7. Bring presents during home visits. Russian women love to receive anything special when it comes to dating. So, if you plan to see her at home, bring her a bunch of flowers and chocolates. You can also bring something unique for the family.

  8. Be a gentleman. Russian women are naturally serious; they are very observant of your manners. It is crucial, therefore, that you keep your good conduct and remain a gentleman. Show her that she is in good hands and secure every time you are together. Always consider her welfare and be attentive to her needs during your dates.

  9. Be direct during conversations. Since Russian women are really frank, don’t be surprised if she confronts you even with the slightest issue that may develop along the way in your relationship. They want every problem to be settled right away. During casual conversations, be direct and honest about your point.

  10. Stay respectful. Don’t attempt to question her religious belief and cultural heritage. If there is anything about her that confuses you, ask her politely. If you just leave things as they are, there is a big chance that you will understand each other.

If your heart beats for a beautiful Russian woman, the steps on how to date Russian women are very instructive. Many have said that Russian women are the exact opposite of American women. This simply means you have to adjust, stay real, and serious with your intentions.


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