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how to date women

how to date women

How to date women should be a natural thing to do for a man. Do it right from the start if you want it to lead to a long and lasting relationship. You can only date a woman who is attracted to you anyway, so whether you like it or not, personality counts. You cannot just depend on your looks because confidence is a personality trait that can make a man look very attractive to a woman.  Test your personality to see if you have the qualities of a man capable of dating a woman by checking these out:

  1. You might not consider yourself handsome, but you sure know how to carry yourself. You can easily express yourself, and you can act properly just by being yourself. You do not have to think harder on what techniques to use to captivate the opposite sex. You are just happy with how things are going with you. You don’t regard dating as a game, and you are respectful with the women that you’ve been with. Just be sincere to the woman you’re dating and that should do it.

  2. No one can sell themselves if they do not believe in themselves.

    can only date women if you know that you are capable of taking care of not just yourself but also everything for that soon-to-be-special person in your life. A man without a job will not feel like a man at all. He also does not have the right to date anyone if he is not secure with his own life. Being financially stable can give him a lot of confidence, and no woman in her right mind would like to date a man who can’t even pay the restaurant bill.

  3. Respect begets respect. A woman who does not know you well enough can get insulted when you are too assuming that she also likes you. She may not approve of your closeness to her. Be sensitive with these signals so that she won’t think that you are sexually harassing her. Remember that any action that is made towards the woman that she does not like is already categorized as sexual harassment, like holding her hand, for example.

  4. Do not try very hard to impress the woman when talking to her. Effective communication does not need to be highly intellectual or super humorous. Just inquire about her interests or perhaps her ancestry. That will surely get the communication going especially when she’s also interested in understanding your story. Just be yourself and do not lay all your cards on the table after just one date. Keep her interested by uncovering other sides of you slowly but surely.

  5. Get into the action by dating a woman that you like. Don’t worry if you fail. You just have to do it again. You will get better every time you do it. Have the best intentions when pursuing a woman. Sensible women can sense easily if you are sincere or not. You don’t have to tell lies just to get the woman because it will all boomerang against you sooner or later.

How to date women is one of the personal dealings all straight men will have to go through, and you can do this well by learning more about the opposite sex. Understanding their differences and mentality so that you can understand their reactions for every attempt you make to get close is critical. Get more personalized information regarding the specific woman that you’ve been eyeing and act according to the acceptable etiquettes at her level. If she is the conservative type, do it formally. Remember that dating is a part of life, so do what’s right and enjoy yourself.


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