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how to date younger girls

how to date younger girls

We can see a lot of older guys dating girls who are a lot younger than they are. People are too quick to judge these couples. The older men are often accused of being a cradle snatcher and only want to deceive the girl to make her be with him. There must be proper ways on how to date younger girls. The truth is, when it comes to love, age doesn’t matter. Just be responsible with your actions so that your conscience will not haunt you. The following ideas should help:

  1. Do not make a romantic move right away. Get to know the girl the same as getting to know a woman of your age. Aside from the basic facts about her, notice her ways, attitudes, culture, and whole being. You do not want to corrupt a girl whose mind is still clueless about dating. You may want to be friendly with her first as an entry to her circle.

  2. Once you are accepted in her circle of friends, work your way into becoming familiar with her family and relatives. You will not feel too guilty if you know that they like you and that they have nothing against an older guy dating a younger girl.

    If you manage to handle these kinds of conversations, expect that they will have an idea that you are seriously interested in the girl and not just there to be her friend.

  3. Even if you have already gotten the family’s approval, do not ask the girl immediately for a date. Wait until she is comfortable with you. Being open with things, asking for advice, and not being scared of getting near you are signs that you are respected. Over the course of your discussions with her, gradually make introductions about your intentions. Be sure to behave as a gentleman. No playing, no forcing, and no bribing. Do not make expressions of love too soon as that can be misleading the girl as though you are trying to take advantage of your friendship with her.

  4. When she shows that she is also interested, do the normal dating process. Do not get too intimate too quickly. She may not have experienced intimacy yet. You want her to be not just physically but also emotionally ready for it. Dinner dates are good. Watching movies can follow that too. Avoid taking her to exclusive places at this stage.

  5. You can talk about anything else in the world, but it’s not appropriate to talk about sex just yet. The girl will not be too innocent about it anyway because it’s all over the television shows and movies. You just want to make her feel secure that you are in it for real and not just for physical satisfaction. It will be traumatic for an innocent girl to be dealing with the sexual advances by an older guy when she’s not yet emotionally secure.

  6. Even if she and her family are already very comfortable with you, refrain from invading the privacy of her bedroom when visiting her at home. The family might not say anything about it, but it can be a reason why they will start discouraging the girl from going out with you.

The kiss must come naturally. You need a lot of self-control for this if you want a lasting relationship. Caution is needed on how to date younger girls. Don’t worry about discriminating people who do not know either of you. The age difference will not be that obvious sooner or later. Constant companionship can make couples look similar as time progresses. You just have to really make sure that you are serious about your relationship with her.


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