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how to date younger women

how to date younger women

You don’t have to be like King Arthur who captivated the heart of a young and beautiful maiden named Guinevere. If you don’t have the kind of charm that King Arthur used to have, you can cultivate it and eventually learn how to date younger women in your town. Let us find out some simple tips that can help you snatch the kind of woman you like who is much younger in age:

  1. Improve yourself. Don’t consider yourself an expert when it comes to dating women, or else you will have the tendency to become over-confident or conceited. Generally, younger women don’t feel like being with self-assured and big-headed men. If you know your flaws, work on them to improve yourself.

    Are you overweight? Do you look like a peasant? Do you think heavy smoking is attractive? These are some of the things you have to address. If you believe taking an etiquette class can help, then go for it.

  2. Stay respectful. It is a matter of respecting her boundaries.

    e you take a young lady out on a date, you have to be polite, a gentleman, and friendly. Don’t force anything along the way. Instead, wait until she reciprocates your kind gestures. You can flirt a bit without making any impolite advances. If she says she can join you for a date only once a week, stick to it.

    Since freedom is something that she wants to enjoy, you should avoid calling her every now and then. If you call her more than twice a week, she’ll think you are just like her interfering dad. In effect, she won’t become attracted to you at all anymore.

  3. Treat her as a buddy. See her as a woman and not as a child. Therefore, you should talk to her appropriately like someone whom you are comfortable with. If she is your buddy, then you can be yourself, laugh freely, and show your sense of humor. There is no need to edit your behavior just to get her attention. Women are often irritated with men who act as if they are saints when in fact they are not.

  4. Take the lead. She is inexperienced, immature, and dependent. Therefore, you should learn how to bring out the best in her without appearing so intrusive and extremely dominant. Listen to what she has to say. Try to agree with her opinions instead of contradicting them. To some extent, you can throw her off by using your wit. If she talks very fast, try to tease her.

  5. Appreciate her. Generally, women love men who tell them they have nice hair, a charming face, or a beautiful outfit. Once she wears something new, tell her it fits well. If she walks like a model, let her know. Since women are easily attracted to men who have a good sense of humor, you have to make her laugh while you appreciate the way she smiles. Once you make her laugh, she’ll realize that older men are also fun to be with.

  6. Stay cool. Most young women prefer to date older men because they expect them to be in control of every situation. You can keep her by staying cool, talking about sensible things, and keeping your image as a true gentleman. If she likes to drink a fresh juice and you feel like having a glass of wine, better drink a juice too. That will surely bridge the gap, and she’ll think that you are not really that old when it comes to ordinary choices.

Being old is not bad at all as long as you know how to date younger women properly and you conduct yourself in a charming way. Remember that young women are not only picky but also conscious about age differences. If you are thinking about having a serious and romantic love affair with a younger lady, you have to adopt some dating rules including the factors discussed above so you can avoid committing common mistakes.


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