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How to Deal with a Cat in Heat

How to Deal with a Cat in Heat

You can’t figure it out right away when your well-behaved cat suddenly becomes scandalous in the middle of the night and seems to be doing it repeatedly every two weeks. The yowling is unbearable, and it will desperately search for a way out in the direction of any male cat. You should know how to deal with a cat in heat if you do not want to have sleepless nights. Perhaps these suggestions can help:

  1. Know that your cat is in heat when you hear it meowing outrageously together with wagging its rear and acting vehemently strange. It will just be too easy to ignore it if you can. But once it feels your presence, it will seek your attention desperately until you are forced to investigate.

  2. If you’re worried about complaining neighbors who will surely be disturbed from their sleep when this nocturnal habit happens, give your cat the attention it seeks upon hearing its loud yowl. It will continue to roll around, arch its tail, and try to rub its rear while moving along with stiff legs. But at least these actions will not affect other people living around your vicinity.


  3. Let it alone when your cat is too affectionate with you. Give all the comfort you can provide by touching, stroking, or patting it when the cat wants it. It may still continue to rub its hind parts on the floor, but surely the vocal calling for a male cat will slowly diminish.

  4. Watch out for cat urine in numerous places since a cat in heat will try to spray its urine anywhere possible to lure male cats using its urine’s smell. They won’t spare the door mats or rugs arranged on the floor or anywhere. So if a foul smell does not disappear after mopping the floor, collect all damped materials for washing.

  5. Spare yourself some extra time to spend with your cat when it’s in heat. Stimulating it externally is a big help in relieving its urges. This is the time when your cat needs your assistance badly by just petting it.

  6. Get its mind off estrus or its urges to mate. You can do this by introducing new toys or playing hard with it. Whatever you do to help, bear in mind that the cat will need to channel its excessive energy during this time. Your guidance will stop it from being confused and disoriented because of the intensity of the feelings it is experiencing for the moment.

  7. Get the cat spayed at once when it’s still young or less than a year old if you have no intentions of having more cats. This is the surest way of not allowing your cat to be in heat again. Spaying older or fat female cats can be costly, so do so before it reaches that state.

You may be in the business of breeding your cat, but perhaps you really might not have the patience to forbear with the signs when the cat is in heat. Bring your cat to the vet for hormonal treatments. All its dosages must be completed before letting it get pregnant again. You do not want to have defective kittens affected by these hormonal injections. Think it through wisely on how to deal with a cat in heat.  You do not want to regret not spaying your cat after it produces multiple kittens. You can also wish for a new kitten when your cat cannot get pregnant anymore. Consider first if you really want to be a cat owner and your preferences, and plan it through with the help of the veterinarian.


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