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how to deal with Alzheimerís

how to deal with Alzheimerís

It√ā¬ís unimaginable that the most important person in our life is gradually losing his or her exceptional character that we admired most in the past through Alzheimer's disease. It√ā¬ís hard to believe that wonderful moments can disappear just like that. How to deal with Alzheimer√ā¬ís can be tough knowing that it cannot be cured. However, it helps to be very observant to detect an early stage when treatments to stop or delay the progress can still be done. Here are some suggestions to deal with the disease:

  1. Different temperaments can cause frustration when dealing with an Alzheimer√ā¬ís patient. Understand that it is frightening for someone losing his mind to try to figure out who√ā¬ís the stranger in the room. Unfamiliarity can cause panic. Anticipating these things will make you ready in the event this happens. Managing to find solutions will come easier when you are relaxed.

  2. Learn from people who are caring for Alzheimer's patients. You may be able to find a support group near you.

    burden will be lighter when shared with people who understand. Note their recommendations because they know about them from experience.  The group will serve as your outlet to prevent your being depressed due to some unpleasant events that can happen while caring for the patient. It’s nice to know that you are not alone.

  3. When you are not comfortable with your own abilities to provide the care needed by the patient, hire a skilled caregiver. Spending some money will save you from some unfortunate occurrences. You can also be the alternate for the full-time caregiver. This way, stress can be avoided. It will be helpful for the caregiver to have some time off also to prevent caregiver burnout.

  4. Make your home as relaxing as possible. Aggressiveness and chaos can trigger the patient’s mood swings. There will be fewer annoying behaviors when the place is conducive for the patient’s delicate condition. Consistency must be exercised also in terms of the patient’s activity schedule for eating and recreational activities. A peaceful household where there’s no shouting and fighting will be very good for the patient.

  5. Aid the patient in coping with the disease. Helplessness will drive him or her into isolation. The patient may have trouble understanding what’s going on around him or her. Worry and stress should not be the concern of the affected. Listen and talk to them. Sometimes they can be nonsensical, but there will be times that stability is there. Take advantage of this rare occasion by expressing your sentiments to the patient. Love can do magic and will be reciprocated also while making your life around an Alzheimer’s patient more lovable or at least manageable.

Remember that the brain of the patient is degenerating, so extremely odd incidents can happen as the disease progresses. Make sure that you have the capability to know how to deal with Alzheimer’s. Better to be safe than sorry. Get all the help that you can from family and friends to be able to sustain the needs of the patient. The ordeal will not only be physically and mentally draining for both parties but also financially demanding. Should you take on the caregiving responsibility yourself, equip yourself with the knowledge about the disease, be easy on yourself and compassionate with the patient even if you struggle to keep from losing your patience sometimes.


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