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how to deal with angry people

how to deal with angry people

Anger is the worst manifestation of human emotion. This frenzied feeling can make normal people do something that they will regret after the feeling has subsided. How to deal with angry people needs a lot of discipline and humility. Since only soft, kind words can ease the fury, you must be in control with your temper when dealing with an angry person. It’s really a challenge to do that, but you will be displaying the positive side of yourself when you can handle it. Here are some pointers in stopping disasters from happening when confronted by an angry person:

  1. When destiny plays a trick on you, you can be insulted and shout at be a very angry customer in your place of work. Remain calm and never show any drastic actions. Let the person finish all the bad accusations first, and never attempt to say anything. Just listen carefully.

  2. Do not take whatever the angry person accuses you of personally. Never try to reason things out. You will surely be triggered to answer for your benefit, but you need to control yourself.

    Breathe deeply to facilitate good blood and respiratory circulation. You won’t feel that bad after doing it for at least five repetitions.

  3. Do not show in your actions that you are indifferent to the angry person. Retain the eye contact and still be kind no matter what. Do not make faces or pretend that you are not listening. There’s no place for aggressiveness from your side during times like this. Never mind feeling humiliated. When you are confident of yourself, you will just pity the angry one.

  4. Be forgiving. The angry one will end up liking you when you remain well-mannered after throwing verbal abuses at you. Apologies will surely be made. Accept them wholeheartedly and continue to be helpful by letting the person explain the real problem. Trace the root cause and solve it when you can. Refer the complaints to the officers concerned if these are beyond your jurisdiction. In the end, the customer will be a happy one whom you can add as a valuable client in due time.

  5. Do not go against the angry person. Understand that there’s a clear reason for the outburst. Accept it when you’ve made a mistake. Don’t try to cover it up with explanations. If no mistakes were made, never insist that the client is wrong. Wait until he or she is already relaxed and point out the information. Perhaps the client just did not understand it.

  6. Your patience will definitely be tested with an angry customer, but if you take this as an opportunity to turn things around, you will emerge as the winner. A person who behaves properly despite the odds is showing only signs of an admirable character inside. Only people with a golden heart can do this. You can win not only the client but also your colleagues and superiors.

You can master how to deal with angry people when you are working in the Customer Service department. Actual training is provided to be able to deal with the extremity of the job. Positive attitudes are the right tools to be successful in this area. Job recruiters know this quite well, and they are determined to measure these qualities during employment tests and interviews. Instead of stressing out because someone shouted at you, consider yourself lucky that you are able to help not just the frustrated individual but also the business that is providing for your livelihood.


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