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how to deal with argumentative people

how to deal with argumentative people

Argumentative people will easily get bored when they have nothing to argue about. So they will always provoke people into having arguments with them. How to deal with argumentative people is very irritating. Nevertheless, this is a normal feeling. You can only choose to make a wise move. Remain calm and cool. Let them be touched with your well-mannered approach rather than irritating them. Don’t get carried away by noting these soothing steps:

  1. Argumentative people can be violent. They mean to destroy and conquer and not to respect your thoughts and opinions. You can never win with them. If you do not want to deal with unpleasant circumstances, do not get close with these kinds of people. This is the easiest way away to avoid trouble. You will live a chaotic and unhealthy life if you can’t help being in the circle of an argumentative person.

  2. When you’ve sensed the argumentative nature of your date during the getting-to-know-you stage, choose not to get involved with him.

    timate feelings can disappear very quickly when you always end up having fights while in a relationship with an argumentative person. If you can’t help falling in love with such a person, surrender your right to be angry. You should not complain and fight back to at least be able to keep your sanity.

  3. Suspend your competitive nature when you are around argumentative people. You should not expect them to be giving you the needs you may have whether it be relaxation or to have some space. Just “ride it” with them. Do not go against the current so as not to make the episode longer. When they are through with satisfying their urges, they will eventually stop because it’s not fun to argue when they have no one to argue with. A smile and kind eye contact are good responses showing your agreement with them.

  4. Do not try being the meddler of a fight between two or more provocative individuals. We often hear news of meddlers who lost their lives because angry people turned on them because of their interference. We might be obliged to intrude when the fight happens in our vicinity or the fight is between people that we care about. Nevertheless, it’s better to ask people in authority to do the meddling than to it yourself for safety reasons.

  5. Argumentative people are not in for a debate because they will never give the opposing party the chance of explaining his side. They feel as if they are always right and will not hesitate to use force just to show that they are superior. Just go with the flow if you happen to face such a situation. There’s no point in wasting your energy for circumstances that can only lead to disaster. It’s better to look like an underdog than to create some emotional scars. In reality, the patience you have can make other people appreciate you because not many people can do that.

We are all very different people. Some will not have any problem being so cool with how to deal with argumentative people. Others will have to walk out drastically so as not to lose their temper. This is understandable. Just don’t make it too obvious that you are walking out in desperation. You might be chased by a provocative person and demanded to give explanations why you show such disrespect. This can lead to unwanted trouble. So it’s better to distance yourself from the friction discreetly before the event heats up.


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