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how to deal with bipolar people

how to deal with bipolar people

It takes genuine love to be able to be successful in how to deal with bipolar people. Family members are better off in taking care of a bipolar patient because they are the ones who know her quite well when she’s normal. They will know very well that she’s having mood swings when she’s not acting like herself anymore, or when her actions are too extreme. Having a bipolar condition is like driving a fast car without brakes. When chemical reactions are very active in the brain, bipolar people can only manifest extreme feelings they feel. Here are some pointers in contributing to their wellness while making your life easier with them as well:

  1. Depression is a killer and not just because of the suicidal tendencies, but the hollowness that is felt deep inside. Living without an interest in doing anything is very devastating and can drive one to just fade away through sleep. The least you can do is to be enthusiastic in inviting the affected person to clean up and dress up for a stroll or window shopping adventure. You will be more understanding when you know more about the disease and can’t help being loving when you know how much she’s suffering within herself.

  2. It is a lot harder for bipolar people because everyone seems to perceive them as crazy. It is a mental illness, but it’s far from them being crazy because the patient is aware of what she’s doing. Only she has no control over the extremity of her actions. Do not add to the depression by making a joke about being mentally sick. Be sensitive enough when making statements. Do not discriminate.

  3. Motivate the person to participate in therapeutic activities by accompanying her. It can be as simple as strolling around your neighborhood, spending some time in the garden, attending a yoga class, or aerobics. Give her the feeling that she’s not alone and you care for her by spending some time with her. Quality activities will help a lot in relaxing the mind and the body.

  4. When depressive moods turn to mania, impulsive actions can be observed like drastic spending, over-excitement, and high sexual urges. These are all dangerous acts not just for the person but also for the family. Make sure that she is taking her medications to control the mood swings. When the patient is stable, these occurrences will be vague. When major treatment is on-going, take care of the finances but do not deprive her totally of her own money because this can add to the depression also.

  5. Being nervous all the time and going through never-ending chores like arranging things are top irritants when living with a person with bipolar. Encourage her to be still by inviting her to sit down for a healthy meal. Bipolar patients tend to rush through things even when eating which is not good for the person’s well-being. Insist in making her stop working as a gesture of concern and not as a criticism.

It is a great achievement when you are successful in how to deal with bipolar people. Remember that the majority of people affected with bipolar are very intelligent and creative people. It must be devastating for the person not having just one individual who can understand what she’s going through just because her way of explaining things is beyond the intellectual level of the rest of the people in the household. Mood swings are apparent even with normal people. They just happen to have more obvious versions of them. Make it a point to clear your home of mind-altering substances such as illegal drugs and alcohol.


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