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how to deal with bullies at work

how to deal with bullies at work

Bullies are present not just in schools but also in the workplace. Management normally won’t take sides with regards to this because it will just be perceived as one of office politics. How to deal with bullies at work is essential when you’ve noticed that your performance and reputation are being hampered by the bullying acts of gossiping, humiliation, accusations, and libeling you to the other members of the organization especially when they reach your superiors. This is very devastating for you. So before thinking about resigning, try the following approaches:

  1. Have the courage to confront the bully strategically that all the humiliations will be channeled back to him. This will require some research and recruitment of affiliations to make your case stronger. Do not attempt to confront the bully without a backup. Establish a strong foundation to scare the bully off.

  2. Do not wait until your patience will run out before giving the bully a warning. Make him know that you are serious by getting the support of some witnesses and trusted friends.

    et all the details of your accusations so that the bully will be pushed to the edge.

  3. Be factual on your recounts for the unacceptable behaviors displayed by the bully. Do not make vague accusations because this will make your case weaker. For example, if you have often noticed him sneaking around to view your confidential files and then divulging the information to a third party, be sure to have a witness or written proof. Mentioning the name of the person can also give him enough warning.

  4. The bully must be aware of the inconvenience and damage he’s caused to you because you feel that you have to make an extra step in keeping confidential information safe from being broadcast. If you are a payroll officer and some employees’ salaries are announced in public, it can ruin your reputation as a trusted officer.

  5. Restrain the bully from entering your territory. If he is seen once again within your place, he is up to something. You must not ignore this anymore because this is already a form of harassment.

  6. Do not be too personal when filing for a complaint against a bully with the Personnel Department. This is not about you. This is about protecting the welfare of the employees as well as the company. Make sure that you’ve listed the exact details of the encounters with the bully including the time, date, place, and circumstances.

  7. Gather other victims of the bully and form a coalition. This is to make your complaints solid in the eyes of management. Cite the damage that his actions have created to put weight to your case. Do not show to the bully that you are a little scared in dealing with him. He will take advantage of this and will not hesitate to do more bullying.

Strong evidences are crucial when the management is too insensitive with these kinds of complaints. If your office is equipped with a CCTV camera, it is best to plan encounters that can be captured by the camera. Get a hold of these records, and these will serve as concrete evidence for your accusations. Line up also the witnesses that are either victims of the bully or people who were present when the incidents happened. Do not do anything that will show negativity on your part because the bully can easily turn that around to his advantage. You need to be watchful on how to deal with bullies at work to be able to summon them to the right authorities.


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