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how to deal with bullies in middle school

how to deal with bullies in middle school

Middle school bullies can make a student’s life tougher than it already is through verbal or physical abuse. Students should know how to deal with bullies in middle school so as not to suffer from traumatic experiences. It is the right of every individual to be able to go to school without the fear of being hurt or ridiculed. Here are some compilations on how to deal with bullies to your advantage:

  1. Bullies need to be told to stop. If you do not have the courage to do it yourself, never hesitate to tell someone stronger to help you out. Their upbringing did not allow them to learn that what they are doing is hurting other people. It’s just like a fun time for them at your expense. You don’t have to suffer just because you are afraid to face them. Have the courage to bring it out into the open so that people in authority can do something about it.

  2. Never isolate yourself especially when passing through the territory of the bullies. People who are intending to do you harm will wait for an opportune time that you can’t have any help.

    with friends when going in and out of the school’s premises. Bullies will not have the courage to attack a group of students for fear that they will be outnumbered. If you feel that they will follow you on your way home, join a crowd as well or go home with friends.

  3. Do not be too secretive when it comes to bullies. Remember that to protect yourself from them, you must tell someone who will do something about it. When friends are scarce, tell your teachers so that they can be alerted to conduct an investigation. It will also help to tell your parents because it has more of an impact when the parents are the ones who will tell your principal or teachers. This occurrence must not be taken lightly because it can create emotional scars that can’t be healed easily.

  4. Revenge is not an option. It will only make the situation worse. If you will form another group to counteract the bully while using force and foul words, your middle school life will just be filled with aggression. This can easily become one dark segment of your life that you’ll never want to re-visit in your mind. Regular fighting in school can never be healthy. Avoid it as much as possible.

  5. Be aware of the typical characters of bullies. If you know that they will pick only on those who seem helpless to them, you must not allow yourself to be considered inferior in their eyes. Their toughness is often just a cover-up for their fear and insecurities because they were victims of bullying also. They will always need the approval from their peers because they want to look cool. When they can’t find affiliations, bullies can’t function according to their wishes.

How to deal with bullies in middle school will be more manageable when you understand their nature. This way you will be able to help them to minimize their problems. If you can’t allow them to bully you anymore, they can focus on facing their own fears rather than trying to bury them with their bullying acts to transfer the humiliation to you. They will be hurt all the more when their school life fails because of their unruly acts. This will surely result in additional punishments for them in the hands of their adult disciplinarians.


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