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how to deal with bullying

how to deal with bullying

Bullying is a serious problem.  Be ready on how to deal with bullying.  Your child could either be the bully or the bullied.  Parents should be aware that this is a rampant problem in schools.  Bullying will definitely have a negative effect on a child or a teenager as he grows up.  Here are some indicators and remedies:

  1. Examine your child’s attitude towards school.  Is he enthusiastic to go to school?  Does he usually give alibis so he can skip school?  If you see this in your child, make some visits to his school to do a little sleuthing. Chances are he is the one bullied.  You can talk to his close friends or maybe just observe for yourself how he acts when in school.  Show the possible bullies that you are there to protect your child.

  2. Be on the lookout for your child’s physical health.  Does he complain of any stomach pains, headaches or any disorders?  Studies show that bullying can cause sickness in a bullied child.  This is due to pressure and the state of constant fear that he deals with every day.


    Does your child show signs of anxiety or depression?  This is also very important as doctor’s findings show that bullying leads to mental health problems later in life.  This really is very alarming as there have been increased cases related to this.

  3. Be mindful of your child’s appearance.  Bullying sometimes happens to those who look different from the rest.  They may look too shy, scared or intimidated.  This has something to do with social status too.  Most bullies pick on kids who look under privileged as they can easily be intimidated.

  4. Being the bully is also not good for your kid.  Later on, he will be disliked by most.  Kids his age might not feel safe with him as he is very overpowering and intimidating.  They will not want to be in the company of the notorious kid in school, so they will definitely try to avoid him.  This will also cause depression and anxiety for your kid later on.

  5. The bullies and bullied kids are all in unhealthy situations.  This could affect their well-being.  Although the bullied child is more likely the underdog, the bully will always be disliked and avoided by his peers. Because of this bad attitude, he will not have real friends but will gain companions who just want to be identified with him for the power, physical strength and social standing he displays.

  6. Being the bullied child can lead to being insecure or even suicidal tendencies.  This is usually brought about by too much pressure, embarrassment and disappointment.

You have to learn how to deal with bullying seriously, especially if your child is showing the signs indicated.  Don’t take this for granted as this will pose serious problems and health risks to your child.  As a parent, it is your duty to look after the overall welfare of your children.


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