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how to deal with bullying in high school

how to deal with bullying in high school

Together with the advancement of technology goes cyberbullying. The life of typical teenagers in high school nowadays is not complete without gadgetry. Abuses are no longer limited through words and actions.  Abuse can be channeled through technology by texting, emailing, postings through social media networks, and many more. Being open about it helps to know how to deal with bullying in high school. This should not be tolerated to any extent because this is not a normal growing up process. This is, in fact, harmful to the well-being of a person. Deal with them based on the following insights:

  1. Do not be content in living your high school life in fear by hiding from the bullies to the extent that you miss your school activities while trying to avoid them. This is not the age anymore that bullying is ignored. School officials are now trained to detect and handle bullying problems properly. You just have to do your part by disclosing the problem.

  2. No one deserves to be abused.

    This must be embedded clearly in the minds of young people. You might already feel safe being in the company of your friends, but never neglect to tell an adult or a school official about any bullying that happens to you so that they can take the necessary actions before it’s too late. If your complaints are ignored, continue to tell other responsible adults until you can get help.

  3. If the school administration is too lax in dealing with bullying cases, know that you can file harassment cases. There are specific categories that can cover the bullying done.  Check for this information from your local authorities. The legal system has now been upgraded to protect people in school from the negative effects of bullying. Don’t make it too easy for the bullies.

  4. Parents must not hesitate to interfere when they notice some negative changes in the behavior of their teenagers. When they get too upset because of some messages online, get involved with it immediately. There are already incidents of serious crimes that originate only from cyber contacts. It may be a case of stolen identity or libelous acts that can be both traumatic not just for youngsters but also for adults.

  5. Never trust anyone, even your closest friends, with your personal passwords for your accounts in social sites. Things can go awry in your relationship with them, and they may be tempted to hurt you using their access to your personal sites. Do not have anything to do with abusive acquaintances online. Immediately block them completely when they start to use foul or disrespectful words.

  6. Bullying can happen also in your own group. There are harsh actions made by some friends regularly that can hurt your feelings or humiliate you but they are not aware of their effects on you. Talk this out with the people concerned in a very understanding manner so that they’ll know that their actions are offensive to you. You can still retain the friendship and stop the unintentional bullying at the same time through diplomatic means.

You have to be courageous on how to deal with bullying in high school. Know that you are not alone, and the bullies have no right to make your high school life a nightmare. Going through high school is a once-in-a-lifetime stage, so it’s better to make the most of it. Bullies must be told that you can’t be a victim of their ill passions because you won’t let it happen. You will do whatever you can to stop them so that peace can reign in your life.


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