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how to deal with cancer

how to deal with cancer

Cancer can make a person’s life difficult. It can make people wonder about how they can possibly live normally. Fear, hopes, death, anxiety, anger, helplessness, guilt, forgiveness and many other forms of emotions are likely to occur. While there are no specific guidelines on how to deal with cancer, below are steps that can help to make your daily life meaningful and productive while you endure the disease. Certainly, the ordeal will not be easy. Several types of medical tests and biopsies, which are depressing to the mind, will be conducted. Truly, cancer is very challenging to live with emotionally, physically and mentally.

  1. Learn about the disease. An old maxim declares that “knowing the problem is half the solution.” By understanding how the disease is attacking you, the more you can respond to it appropriately until you are comfortable with every treatment procedure. This is also an opportunity for you to teach your loved ones the ways in which they can prevent contracting the disease.

    Start researching on the Internet by typing the word “cancer” into a search engine.

    e are websites, such as mayoclinic.com, that specialize on health and wellness. Also, find blogs that discuss cancer so you can obtain helpful information. Go to the book store or to the library and study science books and magazines that talk about cancer.

  2. Study the different treatments. The treatment or treatments appropriate for you will depend on several factors like the extent of the cancer cells in your body, your age and the present condition of your general health. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biologic therapy and surgery are the common treatments against cancer. The oncologist looking after your condition may recommend one or a few of these options. At the end of the day, the decision is yours.

    The side effects of these treatments, such as hair loss, weight loss, poor eating habit, vomiting, nausea and many others, may not be bearable to you. Hence, your other option is to undergo the natural way of healing cancer.

  3. Switch to a healthy lifestyle. Patients who eat nutritious and cancer-fighting foods and engage in exercise have a greater survival rate. Eating the right foods contained in a well-balanced diet will not only enhance your well-being, but will also make you feel so much better. Physical activities, like yoga and walking, can eliminate fatigue and will eventually improve your energy.

  4. Join a support group. This can help you avoid depression. Socializing with other cancer-patients, like those in the American Cancer Society, who understand your feelings can support your recovery. You can share your thoughts, feelings, worries, fears and anxieties. You can even discuss the nature of the treatments available for cancer, including alternative therapies. It is true that there are so many cancer patients that were cured through alternative medicines.

  5. Maintain an open line of communication with your medical team. Even if you know how your body is doing, your doctor knows what to do next in case of an emergency. Inform your doctor about the significant developments in your body in order to establish a better picture of your progress.

  6. Strictly observe the treatment schedules. Follow not only the schedules, but also the proper doses of the prescribed medicines. This will increase your survival. Keeping a positive attitude can greatly motivate you to keep up with your treatment regimen. Believe that each dose of medicine will add another year to your life. Believe that every therapy session will make the days to come very beautiful and surprising.

The above-enumerated tips on how to deal with cancer presumes that you have secured a second opinion about your illness. Once it is confirmed that you really have cancer, all that we’ve discussed can surely help you make it through. It is always good to hear that life goes on, even with cancer. Cancer should not put a full stop on everything you want to accomplish, but it should challenge you to do better in life every day.


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