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how to deal with death

how to deal with death

Death is the surest thing to happen to all of us.  There is no exception.  We don’t know when and how, but it will definitely come.  We can prepare ourselves for how to deal with death.  It could be the death of a loved one, a family member, a friend, an ordinary acquaintance or maybe our own.  These are realistic recommendations to deal with it:

  1. Live each day as if it were your last.  Be ready for your own death.  Don’t delay important things to do.   Be nice and kind to everyone you meet each day.  Pray always and be thankful for the time you have already lived.  Make each day a thanksgiving day and accept that life is short.

  2. Grieve if you must.  The death of a significant person in your life is surely very painful and heart breaking.  It is perfectly fine to show it.  You can cry and pour out your emotions to a loved one or a confidante.  This is understandable and you are not alone.  Shielding the feeling will just make it worse.  Crying and confiding to someone can help lessen the sense of loss.

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  3. Should you have children in the family, be honest with them.  Depending on their degree of understanding, tell them the truth concerning the finality of death.  He is not just sleeping. If the child asks where he is going, it is fine to say you don’t know as it is really the truth.  The answer can also be based on your religious affirmation’s concept of death.   Help the child cope with sadness, loneliness, loss and confusion by being there for him or her.

  4. Choose to think of the good times you spent with the person and be thankful for them.  Accept that death is part of living.  It is our ultimate destination and what are left behind are memories.  Celebrate life by recalling pleasant things shared with the demised person. He or she is not coming back, but the memories stay forever. Recall and cherish them.

  5. Put aside the feelings of guilt and anger.  Sometimes we tend to feel guilty that we spent less time with the person.  As if we could have done more in taking care of him or her.  Stop feeling guilty because you can’t do anything about a loved one’s fate.  Work, finances, caring for immediate family and activities with our circle of friends are normal things in life that must be dealt with before or after the loss. Even if you put them all off prior to the death, it will not change the way you feel.

  6. Learn to accept the situation at the soonest possible time.  Though you cannot force it or determine the recovery time, accept what happened with an open mind.  There is nothing you could have done to prevent it from happening.  We have our own destinies and death happens because it’s time.

  7. It is recommended to take part in the final arrangement or the funeral as it indicates a closure.  After everything is done and over with, make an effort to put everything back to normal without the person who passed away.  Missing him or her is normal, but bear in mind that he or she is now relieved of the difficulties of being human.  Life goes on for everyone left behind.

How to deal with death varies from one person to another and doesn’t have a definite time frame.  Maintaining a positive attitude despite the sad event is crucial.  Also be supportive to anyone in your family who might need your sympathy.  This is the time to be united and to give warmth and love.


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