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how to deal with difficult people at work

how to deal with difficult people at work

Difficult people will always be around the workplace no matter where you go. You can’t please everybody, so there may be a few that will hate your guts. Nevertheless, this should not bother you because their actions won’t matter, but your reactions will. How to deal with difficult people at work is necessary if you want to keep your job and not just keep on hopping from one company to the other because you don’t like some people there. Here’s how to cope:

  1. People with difficult habits will never change even if you argue with them. Just don’t get affected with their foul actions. Laugh at them if you can, but do not become irritated. Just understand that they might have bad relationships, and they often bring their negative emotions to work. It is not about you.

  2. You don’t have to be difficult just because they are. Keep on being your good old self even if they are giving you a hard time. When they know that there’s nothing they can do to make you behave as bad as them, they will eventually get tired of creating foolish things just to see if you are capable of becoming a bad person.


  3. You won’t have the right to stop them because you are not one of them. You will just give them a reason to give you more trouble if you give them the attention that they desire.

  4. We can never change other people. We can only modify the way we react to their bad actions. Attempting to lecture them is not an option. Demonstrate the goodness of your heart by being understanding and forgiving.

  5. You don’t have to be overly quiet because you are avoiding some aggressive people who always have something to say when the boss is asking for opinions. Make sure to share your views confidently only when it’s your turn. Just don’t compete with those attention seekers. This way you are more likely to get the admiration from your superiors.

  6. Snipers are those who are fond of throwing sarcastic comments, making faces, or cracking below-the-belt jokes. These can be put off by asking an innocent but firm question like: “Have I ever wronged you to make you say something like that?” It will surely be denied, but surely the sniper will already have reservations about doing it again.

  7. Complaining too much can be very irritating. Instead of condemning the person with his negativity, why not give him positive reasons why things happen that way? Your optimism can be contagious.

  8. People who are timid to even talk are difficult to be with. You can never guess what’s going on in their minds. Get them to talk by asking a question that he can either nod or shake his head to answer. Ask another leading question to make him explain his initial answer. If you give him your full attention and time by pausing for a while to give him the chance to speak, he will be inclined to break his silence.

How to deal with difficult people at work is crucial for the working group regardless of the position. Difficult people in the workplace can be your boss, some colleagues, or your staff.  Don’t let their negativity influence you. Instead, lift them up with your positivity. It won’t take long before they realize that their obscene actions are shameful. You are actually showing them a good example to be likable to anyone because they can’t help liking you.


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