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how to deal with grief

how to deal with grief

Grief is usually caused by the untimely demise of a person dear to us. Death is certain to come anytime. It is said to be the great equalizer because no one is exempt. Rich or poor, young or old, black or white, all of us will face death. When someone in the family passes away, it is natural for everyone to grieve and feel like everything is out of control. This may be the reason why many people have asked how to deal with grief. The usual emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical reaction to the loss of a loved one is called grief. The demise of someone close to us becomes more painful if an unexpected accident caused the death. No matter how difficult, learn to accept the fact that death is a natural phenomenon certain to happen to everybody. Even the mightiest king on Earth will die. The tips below can help you deal with grief:

  1. Acknowledge the pain. Experts have pointed out that grief has several stages, although you don’t have to pass through every stage. These include the stages of denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and then acceptance.

    It may take you a long time before you reach the acceptance stage once you have failed to acknowledge your true feelings. Grieving is essentially a gradual process, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it very slowly.

  2. Learn to accept the situation. There are a number of situations in life that you can never change particularly natural occurrences such as death. Rather than blaming yourself or anyone for why it occurred, slowly accept the fact that your loved one already died and you can never bring back his or her life. In other cases like a divorce or a breakup, denial will only bring you guilt and misery.

    Accepting the situation does not mean everything is done. Pain, bitterness, or sorrow can still exist, but at least you can put an end to your grief soon. Condition your mind that grief is temporary; therefore, you can defeat it. This will enable you to have a healthier attitude towards the rest of your grieving process.

  3. Share your feelings with people close to you. If you think that there is no one out there who can understand how you feel, you will be surprised to discover that you have a number of true friends who are more than willing to listen to what you have to say. Being able to talk to someone can help you pour out your emotions. Also, you can go to your local church and find a spiritual counselor with whom you can share your feelings.

  4. Do the things that you enjoy most. You can’t mourn forever. You still have yourself, your children, and family who need you. It is never wrong to be happy after the demise of a loved one. Instead of keeping the pain inside your heart, make that as an inspiration to excel in the things that you are most passionate about. If only you can ask the one who died what he or she wanted you to do at this time, that dead person would simply say, “I want you to live a happy life now that I am gone.” Therefore, renew yourself and create a positive outlook on life.

  5. Most importantly, pray to God. Believe that God is merciful, loving, and compassionate. He will not burden you with anything that you can’t carry. Remember, He allows you to go through some pains and trials because He trusts you. Prayers are very powerful. In fact, God can comfort you in the most special way.

Other causes of grief include: broken dreams, loss of a job, bankruptcy or financial crisis, loss of a friendship, breakup or divorce, or serious health problems like terminal cancer. Although grief is common for everyone, every person’s experience is entirely personal. Since you can’t avoid the pain of losing someone, your recourse is to learn how to deal with grief. If you know anyone who is in deep trouble and going through a similar situation, the tips discussed above are meant to help.


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