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how to deal with jealous people

how to deal with jealous people

Jealousy is an expression of resentment against a potential rival, an individual savoring success, or simply against the success of others. It is an intense feeling to steal the glory of another person. Jealous people are never content in life. They will always find something wrong in everything that you do. To avoid trouble and further complications, you better learn how to deal with jealous people. It is crucial that you are aware whether or not a person is jealous of you. In that way, you can make appropriate actions so you won’t be affected. Jealous people are capable of taking drastic measures just to remove you from the limelight. Some are even so obsessive and compulsive that they won’t give up until they see you suffering, helpless, or crawling. They love to see you beg for mercy. Read on below for the applicable tips in dealing with jealous individuals.

  1. Confirm jealousy. Primarily, you have to identify the jealous behaviors of the people around you before you can learn how to handle them accordingly.

    he difference between a jealous person and a non-jealous individual is simple. A jealous person is never happy when something better happens to you, while a non-jealous individual gives you a tight hug and is as happy as you are when you have achieved something excellent.

    Try telling a person that you have just been promoted. If you receive a big smile and a tight embrace in return, that person is not jealous of what you have become. If you get an insincere smile saying “Good for you” that person is definitely jealous.

  2. Check the common signs of jealousy. When your boss compliments you on a job well done, the person jealous of you is usually silent or doesn’t say anything. Other signs of jealousy include expressions of disbelief in every good thing that you do, not minding your presence in a meeting, or ignoring your ideas and opinions. Notice that jealous persons are usually unfriendly and break eye contact when confronted. Be careful because jealous people can potentially hurt you just to bring you down.

  3. Talk to the jealous person, if possible. Keeping your enemy closer seems to be a good idea. This will enable you to be on guard, without necessarily letting that person feel that he or she is a threat to you. Take the first move so you can be friends. Find out what he or she likes and capitalize on it. If you have a common friend who can bridge the gap, ask that person to intervene.

  4. Appreciate the jealous person. Generally, jealous people just need someone to appreciate and recognize their efforts. A jealous individual feels incomplete because no one is able to notice what he or she has done. Let that person feel that he or she has the potential to accomplish certain things. If that person can lead a leadership seminar, allow him or her to do so.

  5. Be proactive. The principle of proactivity has something to do with how you react to every situation. You cannot control the day-to-day behaviors of a jealous person, but you can control your reaction thereto. If you must, ignore that person as if he or she is not around. Continue what you are doing and stay productive.

  6. Offer help. One good way to win over a jealous person is to lend a hand. If that person is in dire need of something, be the first one to help. When you help, do your best and do it sincerely. Such a kind gesture of yours can surely bridge the distance between the two of you.

Jealous individuals, when handled properly, cannot harm you. Like other people, they also have dissatisfactions, misfortunes, or failures in life. Wherever you are, apply these steps on how to deal with jealous people, so that at the end of the day you gain more friends than rivals. Being good, kind, and helpful are contagious characteristics. Infect as many as you can.


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