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how to deal with mean people

how to deal with mean people

Mean people become mean for various reasons. Generally, mean individuals don’t love themselves or they lack affection from other people. They bully or hurt other people for their sake. If they concentrate on hurting others, it is because they want other people’s flaws and imperfections to be seen rather than their own. How to deal with mean people can be a little difficult, especially if you are extremely sensitive. Understand that people who are mean are very selfish. They only think about their own interests and nothing else. They even laugh over the misfortunes and deficiencies of others. If there are mean persons around you, apply the following steps so you can deal with them accordingly.

  1. Confront. If you want to achieve a win-win situation, confront the person. Mean people should realize that it is wrong to hurt other people. As you confront the person, don’t look desperate or affected. Talk in a subtle manner. To gain respect in return, respect the person you are talking to in the middle of the confrontation.

    is recommended that you talk in a quiet place where you can understand each other closely. Avoid embarrassing the other person.

  2. Don’t be so sensitive. It is true that the only person who could let you feel low is yourself. No matter what others are saying about you or what they do to you, just disregard them. Don’t make a great deal about everything. You know yourself better than they do. Once you mind them, you are giving them a chance to hurt you over and over again.

  3. Keep your strength. If you are being bullied or criticized, don’t think that you are a loser. Bring out your best so you can stay in the limelight. Stand your guard and be strong. Never allow others to put you down. It is important to keep in mind that you are your own hero. One of the best ways to defend yourself is to strengthen your emotions.

  4. Stay cool. It can really hurt if you have been hit on the shoulders by an apologetically mean person. You may even hear that person saying “You are in my way!” The best thing to do is to hold your breath and slowly count to 10. Do not pick a fight. Just let that person walk away without saying anything to him.

  5. Forgive and forget. If you were hurt by a mean person, learn forgiveness. That will work to your advantage. Remember, a forgiving heart always bears healthy fruits. Who doesn’t want to have peace of mind in the first place? If anything terrible has happened to you this morning, it should not affect your day. The behaviors of other people, no matter how unpleasant, should not stress you at all.

  6. Limit contact. After you have confronted the person, it is time you put a wall between the two of you. Don’t be too close to that person so you can’t be bullied anymore. However, you can still be nice to that person once in a while.

  7. Observe distance. If the hurting and bullying still continue, stay away from that person completely. You would not want to do anything drastic to that person in return. You are completely sane compared to that person, so it should be you who must avoid him.

How to deal with mean people is not easy. You have to be extra patient, selfless, and understanding. At most, you can deal with mean individuals without hurting their feelings too. If they are rude, you can be kind to them in return. If they are mean, you shouldn’t be mean too. The tips above should be of help to you.


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