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How to Deal with Peeling Skin

How to Deal with Peeling Skin

Peeling skin is the body’s way of renewing itself by trying to get rid of old skin cells to make way for new ones. Peeling skin is natural; however, it can be hastened by sunburn, anti-aging skin products, or an allergic reaction to soap.  If the peeling is a result of sunburn or another type of inflammation, make sure that you apply cold compresses on the skin to give it relief. Adults can apply an anti-inflammation cream to their skin as swell. It is best to let the inflammation and redness subside before you move onto how to deal with peeling skin.

  1. Be gentle

    Most people can get impatient, and they pull or scratch off the peeling skin. This is not a good idea since you are rushing the skin, and doing so may cause infection and scarring when the new skin is not ready to be exposed yet. Let the peeling skin be and keep it moisturized. If the dead, hanging skin is bothering you too much, gently cut it off with clean scissors but do not cut too close and end up removing the healing skin as well.

    When putting on lotion or an anti-bacterial ointment like hydrocortisone, make sure that you pat gently on the skin and do not rub.

    over the affected area with gauze in case of severe sunburn. Avoid using rough items like salt, sugar scrubs, and loofahs. It is also best to stop putting strong products or potential allergens on the affected area until the peeling skin is completely gone. Examples include makeup, toner, and astringent. You will notice that putting powder on the skin makes the peeling skin more visible, so avoiding makeup is best. Exceptions are sunblock, light or unscented moisturizer, and gentle facial wash.

  2. Moisturize and moisturize some more

    Dermatologists recommend water-based moisturizers or those that contain any of the following: aloe vera, dimethicone, and glycerin. These ingredients rehydrate the peeling skin and smooth it. You can also apply virgin olive oil or coconut oil before going to sleep. Don’t forget to put lip balm or petroleum jelly on chapped lips. Remember that licking your lips will worsen the chapping. Even if you think that dry skin is the cause of peeling, the solution is to moisturize and not to exfoliate.

  3. Rehydrate from the inside

    As you apply moisturizer on your skin as often as twice a day, you should also keep your body and skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water and drinks with electrolytes. Drinking ten or more glasses of water a day will help your skin revive itself.

  4. Do like Cleopatra

    Your skin will thank you if you give it a milk wash or milk compress. Chilled milk is very soothing for those with sunburn or those who have undergone a chemical peel. The proteins in the milk soothe the skin, and the lactic acid helps fight inflammation. Splash the cold whole milk on your face or dip a towel in the milk and pat gently on the skin. You can add ice cubes to the bowl of milk if you like. Let the milk sit for five to ten minutes then wash it off.

  5. Try herbs

    Aloe vera is world-renowned for its ability to treat skin problems, peeling skin being one of them. Cut off an aloe vera leaf and pat the gel onto the skin. You can also let it drip onto a bowl and freeze it for 20 minutes before applying to provide a cooling effect. Similarly, mint helps in cooling the skin and counteracts too much peeling. Mash some mint leaves in a bowl and pat the resulting juice onto the skin. Let the aloe or mint stay on your skin for 10 minutes and then wash with a light cleanser.

These tips on how to deal with peeling skin should help you greatly. The biggest challenge will be to avoid forcing the skin to finish peeling by scratching it or pulling it off by yourself.


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