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how to deal with people

how to deal with people

How to deal with people is the hardest thing to do.  Everyone has different personalities, attitudes, likes and dislikes.  No two persons are the same, so each one should be dealt with differently.   Ever wondered why a personnel department is needed in a company?  It is because each person can bring about different talents, needs, ways and problems.  Here are some important guidelines:

  1. Know each person thoroughly.  Regardless of the situation, it is best to know the basic qualities of an individual.  Know his attitude, talents, ambitions and goals in life and other behaviors.  This will guide you on how to deal with him or her.  You can do this through interviews, reading the resume or just an informal conversation with the person or with the people who knew the applicant very well. This is the purpose of references.

  2. Try to be friendly as this will make them more relaxed with you.  It will encourage them to open up and share their secrets or inner traits with you.

    intances tend to hide their true colors, but when they get used to you, they tend to open up. Dig deeper into their real attitudes.  This may be effective, but you should also put a limit to your interrogations to keep it on a professional level.

  3. Encourage open communication.  It is healthy to have two-way communication with people.  It is good for everybody to have an open channel to be able to truly understand each other.  By doing this, a problem can be easily addressed. Choose the right venue for a discussion with him.  It can be done either one on one or like an open forum.

  4. Impose some discipline.  This is especially necessary if a number of people are under your care or leadership, be it at work or in an association or in your family circle.  Make some rules that need to be followed as a matter of policy.  Anyone who goes against them will be reprimanded depending on the gravity of their violation. Sanctions must be imposed too.

  5. Do not be biased.  You have to be fair to all and don’t play favorites. Make an effort to weigh things very objectively when conflicts arise.  Seek also the comments of elders or people who have expertise on the matter at hand.  Two or more heads are better than one and you will not be accused of taking sides.

  6. Open yourself up to others.  It is wise to let them be aware of what you want and how you want to be addressed or treated.  This will simplify things and avoid misunderstandings. Make them realize that they should make adjustments, especially when you are a person in authority.  They have to give respect where respect is due.

  7. Should conflicts arise within your group, make a thorough investigation of what really transpired.  Judgment should be based on relevant facts and not just hearsay.  The goal is to patch things up and put everything in the right perspective.  Relationships should be restored and peace among your people should prevail.

How to deal with people requires lots of effort, patience and understanding.  Achieving this can ensure peace, growth and understanding within your group or organization.


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