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how to deal with rude people

how to deal with rude people

The Earth is filled with people with various personalities. Rude people are not an exception. We will have some encounters with them in certain parts of our life. It’s helpful to know how to deal with rude people to protect ourselves from the ill effects of traumatic experiences. When you are the subject of a rude person’s abuses, you better be ready with your damage control measures. You can also try the following:

  1. The greatest weapon for rudeness is to ignore it. No matter what they did, as long as you are not affected, this can’t harm you in any way. As long as you know that you are doing the right thing, you can still sleep well at night despite the accusations made against you.

  2. Show kindness to those people who are rude to you. Do not let your anger be aggravated because you will give them the satisfaction that they are looking for. If the person seated at your back keeps on kicking the back of your chair, turn around, establish eye contact, then smile while saying, “I’m sorry, but I would appreciate it very much if you would stop kicking the chair.

    grateful when he does comply.

  3. When a person you see often at work seems rude to you, get to know her until you become friends, calling each other by your first names. Open up only when you are already comfortable with your new friend. Disclose to her that you felt it was rude that she used to address you with out-of-this-world names just to get your attention. It is your duty to make her aware that not everyone will like her way of being friendly because it offended you! She could just say “hello” and make a proper introduction.

  4. Try to settle things first with your rude co-worker because reporting directly to the boss will make that person hate you. It can also spread around like wildfire that you are acting like an OIC, or officer-in-charge, even if you’re not. It can happen that many will turn against you because you’ve done harm to one of your co-workers, and now you are the rude one. A good camaraderie must be retained to have a healthy and conducive workplace.

  5. When others are rude just because they have nothing to do, just keep your distance because you still have more valuable things to do both at work and at home. You have nothing in common with these people, so don’t allow yourself to get associated with them. Try not to fight back or show aggression. Just imagine that they do not exist, and the words coming out of their mouths will not be worth anything.

  6. You do not go down to the level of the rude people. Never hang around with them because even if you do not participate in their rudeness, you will still inherit their reputation if you are often seen with them. It might not make a difference if you try to stop them, but not joining them will mean that they can’t multiply that fast.

How to deal with rude people will require keeping your cool. If you cannot control your temper, it’s better to avoid them. You will only give rude people the opportunity to become ruder if you try to confront them at the height of their impulsive nature. Of course, they will never admit that they are rude. So if you don’t have a good backup, do not handle them alone. Just stay away from them.


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