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How to Deal with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If your dog is panicking when left alone in the house, your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. You have to be serious on how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs if you do not want your belongings ruined by the dog. You might lose your temper finding your favorite shoes being chewed by the dog, your front door being scratched or your place contaminated with smelly litters all around. Before you get fed-up with your dog’s unending noise, try the following separation anxiety solutions for your dog:

  1. Separation anxiety can be contagious from the human master to the dog, so try not to be too emotional every time you leave for work. Control your excitement also when coming home. Your new dog can easily get used to your routine when you just go through these activities smoothly. If this does not help your dog, place the used clothing you wore the other night beside it so that it can still feel your presence despite your absence.

  2. Give your dog the assurance that you will be gone only temporarily.

    Say a “magic” phrase like “back soon” firmly but casually to let it know that you’ll be out for a while but will be back like you always do.

  3. When you find your dog is nervous to the verge of confusion, find products that can relax it. You may use a lavender scent dispensed thoroughly within your household. Any relaxant will do, but choose the ones that can be applied externally to make sure they won’t have negative effects on the dog.

  4. When your dog is relaxed, work out positive reinforcements. This is to train it on how to sit or stay calm when you leave for a period of time.

  5. Restrain your dog comfortably to control it from destroying things. It could be in a secluded facility where it still can feel the presence of other members of the family. Do not imprison it under poor conditions because that can only make its separation anxiety worse.

  6. Provide it with interesting gadgets to play with. Being preoccupied with things to sort out can prevent the dog from feeling low. Find an economical way to convert its quarters into an attractive play room, so that there will be no place for negative thoughts.

  7. Give prescribed oral anti-anxiety medications to your dog. This is not intended to put the dog to sleep for a long period. They should only minimize the stress and other symptoms of anxiety.

  8. Find an alternative home for your dog when your absence is prolonged more than your usual schedule. It could be your local animal shelter, your trusted friend’s home or relative’s home.

The right way on how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs should not include hurting your dog physically as a form of disciplinary action. Consider trying these recommended remedies to help your dog get out from the sad episode in its life.


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