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how to deal with someone with dementia

how to deal with someone with dementia

Dementia is a natural phenomenon in older people who are no longer mentally active. As the brain gets less active, the neurons are slowly destroyed. This type of dementia is irreversible, although it can be treated. When dementia sets in a person’s brain, the main challenge for the family members is how to deal with the patient and the disorder itself. This article will teach you how to deal with someone with dementia. People affected with dementia deserve special attention. It is really difficult for them to deal with the disorder on their own because they do not have complete control over themselves. Demented patients are supposed to be surrounded by people who care and understand. In helping these patients, patience and commitment are required. Whether you are a professional caregiver or just an ordinary person, it is very important that you know how to deal with afflicted individuals. Here are the strategies that can help you through.

  1. Educate yourself about dementia. Knowledge about the disorder will help you identify how to properly handle the situation.

    Once you are fully aware of it, you will easily understand the behavioral reactions of the patient, even the worst case scenarios. Eventually, you can adjust yourself while looking after the patient.

  2. Be extra patient in answering repetitive queries. Since demented people are not in their proper frame of mind, they are likely to ask questions over and over again. They easily forget things. When asked the same question every now and then, don’t be upset. Just answer the patient politely.

  3. Stay calm always. Afflicted patients get easily upset, agitated and angry. This is called a mood swing. Therefore, dealing with them can be tiring too. On your part, stretch your patience. According to betterhealth.vic.gov.au, the disorder can bring changes in the patient’s behavior that can become a problem for caregivers and family members. In the event that the patient appears to be aggressive, stay calm and never counteract.

  4. Put things in their original places. Do not rearrange items at home. Rearranging furniture and all other materials in the house can cause confusion for afflicted people. Once they get confused, they get upset, agitated and angry.

  5. Follow a day to day routine. Following the patient’s day to day routine will also keep the situation in order. As much as possible, allow the patient to do things in his or her own way. In going to the bathroom, taking a bath, changing clothes and all other personal activities, the patient should have a free-hand on these, but with close supervision.

  6. Always stay on time. Afflicted people forget the time of day. Their sleeping pattern is likely affected. It is best to keep them aware of the day and night, the time to rest, time for meals and for recreation. Placing a clock near the patient’s bed is a good idea.

  7. Make use of an alarm system. The system will help you monitor the patient’s movements. There are times that the patient will move from one part of the house to another without knowing which way to go. If you have installed alarms in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and all other key areas at home, you can easily monitor every movement of the patient.

  8. Play with the patient. This will help in keeping the patient’s brain active. Playing board games, cards, puzzles and word games can slow down the progress of dementia. Playing games and other recreational activities should form part of the patient’s daily routine.

All in all, learning how to deal with someone with dementia is very tiring. Thus, you must get enough rest to fuel yourself. Take multivitamins because you are supposed to be in your tip-top condition all the time. At the end of the day, your greatest motivation is that you are able to help other people.


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