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how to deal with the death of a child

how to deal with the death of a child

Some people believe that death is a simple separation. It’s true that losing someone very dear to you is not the end of everything, although the sorrow and the pain may linger for a couple months or years. There are a number of mothers who find it really hard to learn how to deal with the death of a child. However, let us accept that death is a natural phenomenon and it will eventually claim everyone. In fact, death can come to anyone like a thief in the night. Based on psychology, it is easy to accept the death of a child if the cause of death was a chronic disease. In other words, while you were attending to the needs of your child, you were actually preparing yourself for his or her demise. However, if the cause of death was a sudden accident, the period of acceptance may take a little longer. Read on below for the ways in coping with the death of a child.

  1. Seek help from others. If you must, go through with the natural process of grieving. If you can’t take being alone, seek help from others.

    dmit that you need the strength of other people to motivate you to continue living, although it will no longer be the same as before. Call a friend whom you can cry and lean on. It’s true that someone’s presence can fill in one’s absence.

  2. Release your feelings. It’s important that you pour out your feelings. Keeping your pains inside won’t really help. Having someone to talk to can make the grieving process easier, especially when that person has experienced similar circumstances. Healing always takes time; it is not an overnight event.

  3. Read inspirational books. Reading good books will help divert your attention and relieve your stress. Inspirational books contain food for the heart and soul. Learn the true sense of hope and faith, and believe that everything happens for a reason. You can also read spiritual books containing guides on how to overcome the pain of losing someone close to your heart.

  4. Cry as much as you want. Crying is another way of releasing your emotions. Do not hide the pain you are experiencing. Grieving is a process wherein you will pass through different stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and then acceptance. Usually, much crying occurs during the bargaining stage. An excess of tears is an indication that you are almost ready to accept the fact your child has died.

  5. Keep yourself busy. Go out with friends and watch your favorite movies. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Go to the nearby park and spend time with your children. Do the things you usually do. Sometimes, you need to take a break from pain. Remember, there are still other people who need you.

  6. Rediscover spirituality. Believe in the greater power of God. Ask for guidance and discernment, so you may appreciate the fact that your child is now in a glorious place called heaven. Go to the church and pray for healing. Believe that God is always good and ever compassionate. In other words, have faith in Him.

Life is a very precious thing, so you should celebrate it with other people while you still can. On the other hand, when you lose someone you love, it does not mean you die as well. At first, you may find it difficult to learn how to deal with the death of a child, but you will soon realize that God has reasons for everything. In the meantime, you may not understand His reasons, but in time you surely will.


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