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how to deal with the death of a friend

how to deal with the death of a friend

When a friend dies, it will clearly point out how vulnerable our lives are. We can go anytime without notice. Aside from grieving, fear can surface that will hinder living your life after the death of a friend. How to deal with the death of a friend must be done with the utmost positivity. Negative thinking will just make the burden heavier. Here are some steps to lighten your load:

  1. Hurt takes time to heal. Do not deny yourself that. Grieve as much as you want, but try to get over it by doing your normal activities as soon as you can. Get totally healed in time by not suppressing the feeling of emptiness. Share these with common friends so that you can support each other during this difficult period.

  2. Be sensitive to what’s going on around you. Do not be miserable during the times that you used to be with your friend who just passed away. Begin a different hobby, mission, or recreation that comes your way for this vacated time in your life. You may have to spend it with a new friend or with a new group, but this does not mean that the memories of your departed friend are forgotten.


  3. Do not be bitter by not allowing yourself to start a new, friendly relationship the same as what you had with your deceased friend. You are not betraying your dead friend.  You are simply moving on. Life is too short to spend it unhappily.

  4. It is impossible to think that after a series of deaths in your life circle that you still can afford sparing time for the needy. This is actually a therapeutic approach to moving on after so much grief. You might be desperately looking for someone who can hold your hands during this difficult period while not knowing that you will also find comfort by giving a part of yourself to others at this time.

  5. Revert to making yourself busy with hobbies that interest you. Sometimes we are tempted to try doing the things that we used to do with our departed loved ones even if we know that they will not be there to participate. Refrain from doing this. Instead, fill up your down time with interesting events with or without anybody else to do them with. Sewing a quilt can be interesting and very therapeutic.

  6. Deceased loved ones will always be a part of our lives even if they do not exist anymore. They will live on through our hearts and memories for as long as we live. Life will go on despite our loss. We only have two choices, to be happy or sad. Let the legacy of your dear departed be manifested in your being. If you remind other people of their good traits, it will seem like they are still around guiding you.

How to deal with the death of a friend is to understand that sorrow can be used to develop ourselves into becoming better people. If our deceased loved ones were alive today, they would not want us to continue living in despair. Going through the transitions from a heavily affected individual due to the demise of a friend to a totally new person who loves to live life by helping others is indeed a great change for the better. May all sad experiences result in these successful, new, noble endeavors that will remind us of the greatness of our dear friend who has already passed away before us.


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