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how to deal with the loss of a pet

how to deal with the loss of a pet

Household pets can immediately become part of the family.  This occurs so much more when they live together with the family for a long time. The pain can be very devastating to the owner. How to deal with the loss of a pet may sound crazy to some people, but pet lovers know that this is necessary. Losing a pet is just like losing a friend or a companion. You will deeply feel the emptiness inside especially when you are so attached with the pet emotionally. Hopefully the following suggestions can help:

  1. You are not silly if you are hurting so much after your pet’s death. You did not lose a pet only but your companion, friend, and family member. You have all the right to grieve no matter what other people say. It’s none of their business if they cannot understand your loss.

  2. Denial can only prolong the suffering. Be true to yourself and acknowledge your loss. Deal with your grief your way.  No one should dictate to you how to do it because healing can only start from within yourself.

    n you feel like dedicating a Website page to your dead pet, do so and include matching poems if you feel like because writing will help you feel better.

  3. Don’t be ashamed to pour out your ill feelings to people who are close to you. There’s a big chance that they will truly understand your feelings knowing your attachment with your pet. Don’t feel bad if others can’t understand. We are all different in our level of understanding.

  4. Difficult decisions can arise with regards to caring for a pet. Euthanasia is one of the most difficult of them all. Since you hold the emotional aspect of your pet, it is better to do this together with your veterinarian. The vet’s decision will be based on the constant pain the pet has to go through without the possibility of getting better despite stressful treatments. If you are logical, you can balance that with your gut feeling. Beware when you are too emotional. You might prolong your pet’s suffering as it deteriorates.

  5. Decide if witnessing your pet’s mercy killing can make your grief shorter or will it be extended. You will know what’s best for you. Be thankful for other people’s suggestions, but do only what feels right for you because you are the one who’s going to be affected by this situation.

  6. An extensive burial ceremony including a church and funeral services may be conflicting with some religious beliefs. If you opt for this, carefully choose the participants for the ceremony. Limit them to people with the same mentality as you as far as pet burial is concerned. If you do not want to deal with the disposal of the remains of your pet, the pet clinic can arrange it for you for a minimal fee. Home burial is also a cheaper option if you have the place for it.

  7. Children must be told the truth about the pet’s death in general. When the pet dies, do not give them false hopes that the dead pet will come back again. Be truthful about what happened. They may be sad for a while, but children can forget easily as long as you make sure that they will also get rid of any guilt feelings they may have if they feel that they had something to do with the pet’s death.

Grieving will need time even for pets. Attend to your remaining pets more than usual because your other pets are grieving too. They can feel the missing company in the house. This is also helpful for you to know how to deal with the loss of a pet.


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