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how to deal with unreasonable people

how to deal with unreasonable people

How to deal with unreasonable people is a challenge, but there’s a way around it. Unhappy people who just keep on whining about their problems, situations, and other people are pain in the neck. They will disregard advice and reject correction. There’s nothing you can do to make them feel better because they are too set in their own ways. You just have to make reservations for yourself not to get affected by your interactions with them. Here’s how:

  1. Don’t allow yourself to get insulted by unreasonable people by not trying to make corrections for the offenses they make. You will be prone to abusive behaviors also when you stop them in public. It’s enough to just listen and keep your disagreements within yourself. A smile is all that they can handle from you.

  2. Have faith that your humility will soften unreasonable people. It’s not your call to change them, but you can definitely help by being humble. Do not let any word that comes out of their mouths hurt you. You either balance them by believing that they do not know what they are saying or ignoring them.

    is is too difficult for you, stop listening by occupying your mind with something else.

  3. Don’t get even with them. Giving them back what they’ve thrown to you will make you act and sound like them. You will also display the symptoms of an unreasonable person. Never let go of your own self just because your pride is hurt by their unfounded accusations. For as long as you are innocent, you can still walk past them with your head up high. No one can put a good person down.

  4. Bear in mind that you cannot outwit an unreasonable person. Do not ever expect that because you are right, you will be able to influence the person. Remember that walls have ears, and even if your good intentions are not recognized by the person you intend to give them to, other people will know about it, and you can easily form an alliance for moral support. No matter how strong you are, you still need a support group because we are just humans that need to recharge when our energies are drained.

  5. There’s nothing you can do to make an unreasonable person happy. Better to concentrate in nurturing the rest of the people around you than trying to interfere with that person’s life. You will never be appreciated. Instead, trouble will always be a recurrence in your group for as long as this person is around. It’s tough to let a person go who needs help, but remember that no one can help that person if he himself does not allow it. Change must be initiated from within himself.

  6. Unreasonable people must be dealt with total firmness. Being so considerate will make you too weak to implement order. On the contrary, your strong actions will also lead others into believing that you are also unreasonable yourself. Keep the kindness in your actions when dealing with them, but be firm in implementing the method for a peaceful lifestyle. If he wants to stay, he has to respect others, or else he is not welcome anymore.

Wisdom is needed on how to deal with unreasonable people. If you can’t handle them, just protect yourself and other people under your care. Choose the majority or your own priorities than waste your time and energy with people that are only causing trouble. Never feel bad that you can’t make them change. It’s not your duty to do that.


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