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how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally

how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally

Decorating Christmas trees is one of the most fun and creative expressions of joy during the holiday season. A tree is the focal point of any room it’s in. It wonderfully showcases your artistry, displays both sentimental and decorative ornaments, and imparts a message of good cheer and festivity. To many of us, decorating a home Christmas tree is a cherished family tradition. However, more and more commercial establishments, offices and even well-to-do folk now hire professionals to decorate trees for them. If you love decorating Christmas trees and want to earn an income over the holidays, learning how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally will be handy information to know.

  1. Develop your style. Learn how to decorate beautiful trees by studying pictures and samples of those you like and analyzing what makes them work. Create your own unique themes and color motifs. Train on how to use different kinds of Christmas lights safely, including how to replace bulbs if necessary. Know the different kinds and options for trees, including both live and artificial ones, and the maintenance required for the duration of the tree’s display period.

    ind sources for ornaments and special supplies that will give your décor a unique, original look. Make sure you know the basics of hanging ornaments on the tree, such as layering, balance, harmony, etc. Study how to take photos of trees under various lighting conditions to show off their beauty best.

  2. Create a portfolio. While you are gaining experience and building your decorating business, you need to push your services to friends, family and your network of contacts. Ask around if anyone needs help decorating their tree and do not be shy about offering your services. At the start, you may have to do it for free or for a small fee, especially if you only want to test the waters and don’t have the official requirements necessary to operate as a business. Ask your client for permission to leave your business cards at a convenient spot near the tree so people can contact you if they like. It would also serve you well to request reference letters or testimonials from these clients in exchange for your free service. Whenever you finish decorating a tree, take pictures of your work and build a portfolio to show to prospective clients.

  3. Comply with business requirements for your location. If you need to get a business permit or file necessary documents to receive income, no matter how small, then do it. You don’t want to have a chance on a big contract, only for it to be stymied for lack of documentation on your part. Also, come up with a standard contract stating the conditions for your services: a rundown of materials to be used (bought or the client’s own), maintenance and disposal, hours of work, fees required, contingency plans, etc. The contract should also clearly outline your and the client’s responsibility especially pertaining to safety practices, the amount and schedule of payments, etc. Decide on the rates to charge for your services according to the hours it takes to do the work and what the time and effort mean to you. Take into consideration the paying capacity of your target clientele. Factor in the cost of materials and the fees for suppliers and other people on your team, transportation and so on. Make it reasonable but still worth your while.

  4. Sell your service through all available and practical means. Use word of mouth, the Internet, cold calls or any other reasonable means to let people know of your services. When meeting clients, be prepared to show your portfolio and testimonials or reference letters. Answer clients’ questions honestly. Note down any concerns or special instructions they may have. Make sure that expectations from both sides are clear, written down and mutually understood so there is no disappointment later.

  5. Be professional when working at your client’s place. Observe work hours, don’t cause work disruption unless absolutely necessary, keep noise levels down, and find your own people to work with. Don’t expect the client to do the sweat work for you. Consult your client regarding any changes they may want to make, but remember to note down any additional work on the contract and have the client sign it. If doing so is part of the contract, maintain the tree while it is on display. When the tree is taken down, put away the ornaments carefully in the order and way they were packed and have the client acknowledge the return of any ornaments used. Dispose of the tree properly, or pack away if it is artificial.

Professional tree decorating can be a lucrative income opportunity especially if you already know many people who would pay for the service. It is also a good stepping-stone for entry into the décor business. Knowing how to decorate a Christmas tree professionally may lead to bigger and better opportunities for you, not just during the holidays, but also throughout the year.


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