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how to decorate a mantel for Christmas

how to decorate a mantel for Christmas

It is important to explore more on how to decorate a mantel for Christmas especially when this is already the center of attention in your living room.  This is where you should start your holiday decorating tasks. You can even make it different every year using items that can already be found in your home; antiques, event souvenirs, and organic decorations can give it some new twists. Here’s how to do it differently:

  1. Examine all the regular items for your normal mantel. Mantel cloths, sequins, candles, crystal candlestick holders, fabrics, Christmas tree ornaments, candleholders, beaded Christmas garlands; silver candleholders, table runners, and large, crystal bowls are often used to beautify this focal part of the room.

  2. Check if a satin, silver, or classic table runner is more suitable for the concept in mind. You can make use of natural by-products such as sticks, pine cones, magnolia cones, and large leaves from your backyard to create a classical look with the touch of nature.

    ou can assemble these together to create a piece as long as your mantel just for a background covers. You can also make it a lot longer to allow it to hang in front or at the sides.

  3. Make use of glass ornaments like crystal balls in different sizes and colors. Place them in a transparent container or bowl. Hang beaded garlands around the opening of the container and mix in red and green chains for an added sparkle. Insert synthetic poinsettias inside the container and allow the balls to support them firmly as they stand out of the container. Real poinsettias in pots on each side can also bring in outdoor freshness. Fill in the gaps with some greens.

  4. Highlight the bowl by putting red tapers in silver candleholders beside the bowl. Rearrange the items until they look in harmony with each other. This set-up normally works best when placed at the center of the mantel.

  5. Settle for a traditional look by filling up the greenery with miniature Christmas trees with elegant bases. If you can’t find them, you can wrap the base with rich damask, delicate lace, or quilt batting. Decorate the trees with tiny Christmas decorations or leave them bare, but a single, silver star will definitely add to their magical image.

  6. Add more luster to the set-up by drizzling sequins and adding a row of glass votive candleholders. Rearrange the items on top of the mantel if necessary. Drape the leafy garland carefully to allow it to fall naturally off the mantel in the right places. Enhance the colors by placing assorted candles on pedestals throughout the arrangement. Fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges arranged in the foliage will make it serve another purpose as a food display corner aside from spreading a lovely citrus aroma in the air.

  7. Hang a food painting at the back of your mantel as a backdrop. Food is a necessity in life, so it is appropriate to have it at the center complimenting the mantel. A picture frame will do during the absence of the painting.

You will be proud of your efforts as you light the candles when guests arrive. Experience the enchantment as the dancing flames are reflected through the glass balls, crystal, sequins, and silver trimmings. How to decorate a mantel for Christmas needs more than just creativity. It will need your own personal touch to have that distinctive character trait of the home master. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mantel that speaks well of you?


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