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how to decorate bay windows

how to decorate bay windows

If there is one part of your room or house that you can greatly improve with a little touch of drama and artistic accent, then that is your bay window. If you have one you’re lucky, and therefore, you’d benefit from some great ideas on the subject of how to decorate bay windows effectively and inexpensively. Once your bay window is well-decorated with beautiful accents, you will have a better viewing experience of the great scenery outside. It is a place where you can relax and wait for the sunrise as you enjoy the sweet aroma of your favorite morning coffee. Maybe it is even the very window where you can remember, in your childhood years, waiting for daddy to get home. To get you inspired, widen your imagination and expand your creativity. The following steps can be of help to you.

  1. Assess your bay window. In your attempt to enhance the beauty of your bay window, you need to consider the style and the size of the room or area where the window is situated. The decoration technique you employ must compliment your entire space.


    For instance, if your bay window is in your bedroom, the design should be very relaxing to eyes and soothing to the mind after a day’s heavy work. If it is in your kitchen area, the decoration should be something that can give you a short break after a long, tiring cooking session. If it is in your living room area, your decorating style should be very warm and bright, so that it is welcoming to anyone arriving home.

  2. Make it casual. If the bay window in the living room is larger, your main approach should be very casual. Surely, you do not want to overdo the style. First, your furnishings need not be symmetrically set up. To casually dress up your bay window, you don’t have to place furniture formally. Rather, you could place a small round table on the left side of the window and push your favorite couch to the right.

    Another way to do it is to place a floor lamp and a clay vase on either side of the window and, right at the center, place the couch there. To elaborate the design, you can add white curtains on both sides of the window.

  3. Make it a little romantic. Use romantic accessories in your bay window inside the room. Check whether your window has wooden ledge that extends way beyond the wall’s flush surface. Use attractive berry vines and pretty candles to accessorize it and make it look more modern. Your candles should be different heights to create certain degree of the romantic element. Know that by adding visual effects on the wooden ledge, the bay window can be very seductive.

  4. Make it dramatically tall. You can make your bay window a little taller while keeping it dramatic. It all depends on the treatments that you use. When you add embellishments to the window, always bear in mind that you need to keep it wide open. First, get curtains and hang them few inches over the framework of the bay window. This kind of curtain set up can effectively increase the height of the bay window which, in effect, can grab more attention.

    To keep it open in a dramatic manner, use beautiful ring clips that accent the color of your curtains. The clips will also keep the curtains in place. Good curtain clips will more easily catch the eye.

  5. Paint it. Another approach that can bring an attractive element into your space is to paint the wall right around the window. To achieve a more striking display, you can use a contrasting color. If your window treatments are colorful, paint the wall with a neutral color like plain white, beige or cream.

There are still other approaches that can be used when considering how to decorate bay windows. The items that we have just talked about are the top decorating ideas that work with any type of bay window. Now you are ready to depart from the traditional look of your bay window. Just go ahead and make your bay window more vibrant and appealing.


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