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how to decorate for a 50th birthday party

how to decorate for a 50th birthday party

Learn how to decorate for a 50th birthday party and surprise your beloved mom or dad or other relative turning 50. Doing all the necessary things for someone’s 50th birthday is one of the most beautiful things you can do for them. Take note that living half-a-century is an achievement in itself, something to rejoice and celebrate. Gather your family, relatives, and close friends on that day and make that special someone very happy. Take note of the following suggestions to help you prepare.

  1. Think of a party theme that is positive and motivating. While there are classical themes to choose from, there are also modern themes you could choose for a more modern party. For instance, “You’re Still Gorgeous at 50!” or “Even Better at 50!” are good options. A theme like “Forever Young & Lovable!” is another example. Brainstorm and choose one that will best suit the person.

  2. Make it personal and exciting. Just the idea alone of a grand entrance is already thrilling.

    ider cutting out the numbers five and zero in foam core. Attach them to 10 or more colorful inflated balloons. Release the balloons fly when the person arrives.

    A personalized party is something beyond the generic decorations you usually see. There are many things you can do like preparing a custom-made party banner to hang in it a section of the room with the “then” pictures of the person. On the other side, hang another banner in the “now” memorabilia section. Furthermore, talk to the person’s best of friends and solicit anecdotes. Compile them altogether and make them one of the highlights during the party.

  3. Decorating the tables. Buy 50-themed tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, cups, and candles.

  4. Embellish the windows. This is applicable, especially if you are hosting the party at home. Be creative and eco-friendly. Look for the old beer bottles, old cowboy boots, and classic wine glasses to serve as window ornaments. Using birthday garlands is another good idea. If you have freshly looking frayed curtains, use them too.

  5. Hang posters or banners. To make a big statement, make a poster-sized or better yet a life-sized picture of the birthday person. Also consider posters and banners with various images to enhance the atmosphere.

  6. Make giveaways. You have so many choices for party favors. You could order dozens of little wine glasses and small-sized paper pads and then write down the person’s name and birth date on each favor, and tie a beautiful ribbon around each. Mugs or bookmarks with a personalized quotation are also great ideas.

You see, it doesn’t have to be hard to make that special someone happy when they turn 50 as long as you know how to decorate for a 50th birthday party. In doing so, you will make that person feel very special and loved. Enjoy decorating!  


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