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how to decorate for a wedding

how to decorate for a wedding

When two people find love and pledge their commitment in marriage, there is truly a reason to celebrate. One of the major preparations in a wedding is the decorations. Some will hire a wedding planner to handle this task. However, if the budget is an issue, knowing how to decorate for a wedding can save you a lot of money. With the help of your friends and family, you can pull off a beautiful wedding. When it comes to the presentation of the ceremony, the bride and groom will find plenty of options. More often than not, this multitude of choices will overwhelm the couple. The trick here is to organize your wants and your resources. You can further limit your options by choosing only the necessary decorations. Here are ways to make decorating a success:

  1. Choose a date that you want to be married. Believe it or not, this can affect the decorations that you may want. If you are getting married in winter, it is feasible to have your decorations in line with this season. The use of silver and light blue is usually popular. Using twigs with a frost and snowflake design is an option.

    You can also use crystals that embody a winter or icy theme.

  2. Location is another big consideration in deciding wedding decorations. A beach wedding will look extra special with lots of tropical flowers. Elements such as shells and sands are also a good idea to incorporate in the decorations. Tropical green plants can also add to the ambiance. Use white cloth as tapestry to enhance the scenery.

  3. Tradition is also a factor. Although not very common, certain cultures may have certain specifications for wedding decorations. In the Chinese culture, the use of red in the decorations is considered lucky. Red lanterns, double happiness signs, red banners, dragons and phoenix are common decorations that appear in Chinese weddings. White flowers, on the other hand, should only be used in funerals.

  4. The choice of color scheme is also important in choosing appropriate decorations.  If you choose orange and yellow motif, you are more in line with the colors of autumn. Choose flowers, draperies, ribbons and other decorating ideas within the color motif.  In this case, it would also be better to hold the wedding in autumn.

  5. A themed wedding can be fun and unique. Make the theme something relevant. Let’s say a couple met while watching Alice in Wonderland; it can be used as your wedding theme. All decorations will be based on the classic story. You can have your cake modeled after the cake in the movie. You can make gigantic flowers and plants to decorate area. Teacups, mushrooms and hats are also good décor.

  6. It is also vital that the decorations match the time of day. For afternoon weddings, a lighter ambiance is called for. Pastel colors like pink, light green and baby blue are more appropriate for a motif. On the other hand, a nighttime wedding calls for something more romantic. Deep colors such as red, midnight blue and gold are most common.

  7. One important consideration in decorating is the budget of the couple. If you are on a tight budget, choosing flowers that are in season is the most practical decision. This way, you can fill the area with beautiful flowers without spending much. Do not try to push a specific kind of flower if you have to spend a lot for it. Keep in mind that the reasons behind the celebration are more important than the flower arrangement.

These tips on how to decorate for a wedding should help you narrow down choices and organize your celebration. Sit down with your partner and discuss all these considerations until you come up with a cohesive decorating plan.


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