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How to Deep Clean Pores

How to Deep Clean Pores

Pores are like the garbage chutes of the skin; they are where oil, dead skin cells, and dirt go to make their way out. While washing your face twice daily is enough for day-to-day care, you do need to step up the game at least once a week to keep your pores clean and tight. Without deep cleaning, washing isn’t really enough to prevent pores from clogging, plus it can make your face look dull, tired, and rough. Beautiful skin looks radiant, smooth, and clear—and it all starts with clean pores. If you want your skin to be at its best, here’s how to deep clean pores in an effective and yet gentle way:

  1. Exfoliate regularly; about once or twice a week should be just right. Choose a gentle and natural exfoliator like a Konjac sponge, a non-abrasive facial scrub, or a peeling gel to help get rid of dead skin cells and get a head start on preventing blackheads and whiteheads.

  2. Do a double cleansing. This means using a makeup remover to take off all the makeup from your face before washing it with water and cleanser.

    ipping the makeup remover is not a good idea since cosmetic products leave a deep residue that cleanser cannot remove; you really need the emulsifiers in makeup remover to cut through heavy coverage products.

  3. Wash the skin correctly. There are makeup removers and facial wipes, which can be pretty convenient when you are too sleepy or too lazy to go through the whole bathroom sink routine, but save them for really desperate times. It’s still better to actually clean your face with water and cleanser, and then give it a thorough washing. Just make sure not to scrub your face too hard, and then gently pat the skin dry—do not rub it vigorously. A good face brush like the Clarisonic or other cheaper versions could be a good investment because they can clean your face in a way that your hands or a face cloth can’t.

  4. Get a facial. The whole routine of cleansing, steaming, and gunk extraction is what makes a salon facial extra nice for your pores. Aside from getting rid of impurities in the skin, regular facials help balance oil and moisture levels so that it looks more even-toned and radiant. When pores are clean, they become less visible too, which is what you want in order to look as flawless as possible; just make sure that your aesthetician knows how to tease the gunk out of the pores without manhandling them because this can only cause skin damage and hasten aging. Ideally, you should schedule a facial once or twice a month; in between appointments, a DIY clay mask like Queen St. Helene will give your pores a quick pick-me-up.

  5. Finally, let your pores detoxify from the inside by making sure that you consume lots of water and fiber. Water helps the body flush away salts and toxins from the skin, and it keeps the skin cells hydrated and supple. Meanwhile, fiber is known for absorbing fats and other body wastes as they go through the digestive system, giving your pores less garbage to clean out.

Knowing how to deep clean pores is an essential part of caring for your skin. Aside from the tips above, also observe your skin’s characteristics and how it reacts to certain products so that you can avoid substances that are not beneficial. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune in order to find skin care products that work. You can buy the most expensive face cream in the world, but it won’t guarantee results unless it is something suited to your skin type and habits.


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