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how to detect breast cancer

how to detect breast cancer

There are ways to detect breast cancer earlier by yourself, but you have to be observant with your body especially in the breast area. You will know what to look for when you are informed regarding how to detect breast cancer.  This is what this article is all about. Cells can be damaged when the body is neglected forming a tumor. Cancer is the result of a malignant tumor. This might be basic information but, who knows, it could be life-saving!     Here is how to detect breast cancer:

  1. Do not ignore tenderness in the breast if this makes you uncomfortable. This happens during their menstrual period to some women. If it seems like it’s continuous, and you know for sure that this is not the normal feelings of your breast, then it’s time to see a doctor. Always get a second opinion when there’s a diagnosis for breast cancer at any stage.

  2. Check your breasts and the areas around them for unusual lumps. By all means, it is not normal to have a lump especially in those sensitive areas.

    feel them   by touching them in a circular motion while extending your right hand up into the air. Do the same on the other side. You’ll be lucky if you’ll get a benign lump, but you have to check it with a breast cancer specialist to confirm your thoughts.

  3. Get alarmed when you notice a nipple discharge. Never justify the color of the discharge. It’s better to let your physician do the examination on you as soon as possible. A discharge is an indication of an infection no matter what color it is. You have no time to waste.  With today’s technological advancements in medicine, breast cancer is still manageable when detected during the early stages.

  4. Observe the sizes of your breasts monthly especially when swelling occurs. Breasts can go bigger or smaller especially during menstruation. Notice the difference in sizes when they do expand. If there’s a tremendous difference and perhaps progressing every month, talk to the doctor at once.

  5. Don’t let it go when your skin gets rougher. Skin rashes, irritation, and redness are reactions to something that is induced internally or externally, like allergies. This may already be a symptom of breast cancer. It’s like it’s the body’s way of screaming for some help because something is obviously wrong.

  6. Understand that a yearly mammogram is essential for women who have already reached the age of 40. Some women do not experience symptoms until their cancer gets out of control. Mammograms have obviously helped in reducing the fatalities of breast cancer. You can also do a clinical breast exam, or CBE, to supplement mammograms.

  7. Be open to new developments. Another breakthrough is expected to be approved using the patient’s breath only. The breathalyzer will be more accurate than any existing breast cancer testing techniques. Stem cell therapy can also be combined with this for faster results. The saying “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” is still applicable for these new methods because cancerous cells will definitely be prevented when the damaged ones are detected when they are just starting to multiply.

Never take chances on how to detect breast cancer. It’s your life that is at stake here. Choose the best procedure in testing yourself based on what’s best for your situation. The most important thing is to be aware of your body’s changes as early as possible. Do something with it right away when abnormalities are detected. You could be wrong, but it’s for your advantage. If you do not get breast cancer, you’ll definitely have peace of mind.


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