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How to diagnose a brain tumor

How to diagnose a brain tumor

Persistent headaches in the morning, especially when feeling nauseous or wanting to vomit, must not be ignored. These are common signs of many disorders. But if the major senses are impaired, such as the sight and hearing, it’s a different story. Add speaking and walking difficulties and you won’t have any excuse not to have at least a general check-up. How to diagnose a brain tumor will be advised by doctors if they can see symptoms of a brain tumor. Seizures and numbness on the arms and legs might also manifest if a brain tumor is present, but only a qualified doctor can diagnose such a problem through a physical examination. Medical history will also play a part in the diagnosis of a brain tumor. People who have records of brain tumors in the family line will have higher chances of getting the disease. Whether it is caused by head inflammation or damaged cells in the brain, patients suspected of having the condition must go through the following tests but not necessarily all of them:

  1. A nervous system disorders specialist is the one capable of performing a neurologic exam.

    he patient’s coordinating ability, degree of alertness, pain responses, and speaking manner will be under close watch together with eye movements. Swelling in the brain can be detected through the eyes.

  2. Imaging processes such as a CT scan, MRI, or even an X-ray will be done to the patient after injecting a dye formula that will make the brain images clearer. The incorporation of the dye into these systems is called an angiogram. The captured visuals can then be interpreted by printing the internal brain images to corresponding films or by showing them on a computer screen. Calcium deposits in the brain will be easily detected through a skull X-ray test.

  3. Since messages from the brain are channeled through the spine, doctors may suggest a spinal tap. This is the system of removing a small sample of cerebrospinal fluid as a specimen for brain tumor diagnostics. A spinal tap only takes 30 minutes, but further laboratory testing for various cancer cells will take some time.

  4. The existence of a tumor in the spine must be ruled out first before the tests can reveal any abnormalities in the brain. Myelograms, or testing the spine through X-rays with the use of dye injection, can do this task.

  5. A biopsy refers to tissue removal from the brain to be used as a sample for checking for abnormal cells. Pathologists will then run a series of tests in the laboratory to determine if the defective cells are cancerous and, if so, to what extent. Biopsies can be done in other ways also. A needle biopsy is done by making an incision in the scalp and by drilling a tiny hole where the sample tissue can be taken. A stereotactic biopsy, on the other hand, is guided by an imaging device.

How to diagnose a brain tumor can be very complicated. Total support from the family is needed by the patient. The tests will be too draining for some people who are in denial or cannot accept the fact that they are actually on the verge of being diagnosed for a very serious disease. Since brain tumors can be benign or cancerous, the patient must go through all the tests specified by the doctor to be able to design the most suitable treatment. Failure to do this will put the patient in a dangerous situation and complicate any recovery.


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