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how to diagnose bladder cancer

how to diagnose bladder cancer

It is worth checking when noticing reappearing blood in the urine. There’s nothing to be afraid of just yet. It’s not an indication that you are definitely suffering from bladder cancer. It may be caused by an infection or other non-threatening conditions in the kidneys such as kidney stones. Careful considerations must be made on how to diagnose bladder cancer. Various tests are available to be able to know the nature of the problem to get the right treatment. These are as follows:

  1. Of all medical procedures, the medical history must not be left out to get the leads what or where the disease comes from. This is, of course, not enough without a physical examination. Rectal or vaginal checks will be done if there’s a hint that the bladder cancer might be building up based on the signs and symptoms.

  2. The insertion into the urethra of a slim tube with a light and camera at the end to have a view of the bladder is the process called cystoscopy. The bladder is expanded by injecting a sterile, salt water solution to enhance the bladder lining visually for the doctor to examine.

    is will be done with the aid of general anesthesia.

  3. Urine laboratory examinations, like a urine cytology exam, involve collecting a urine sample for microscopic testing.  A urine culture that identifies bacteria growing in a dish may detect cancer, but they are more effective in diagnosing infections. The urine tumor marker test might help in detecting bladder cancer, but it’s not reliable alone.

  4. Biopsies makes bladder cancer diagnostic tests more accurate by the microscopic examination of the specimen extracted from the affected cells and tumor. Cystoscopy and other tests will be more reliable with a biopsy.

  5. Imaging tests such as X-rays, computed tomography, or CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, and ultrasound are powerful devices when aided by a biopsy like a CT-guided needle biopsy will surely lead to an accurate diagnosis of bladder cancer.

  6. An intravenous pyelogram is an X-ray procedure directed to detecting bladder cancer. The X-ray is done after injecting a dye that will be passed by the kidney into the ureters and bladder so that the images will show clear traces of the affected areas.

  7. Retrograde pyelograms involve the use of a catheter to be placed through the urethra going through the bladder. The catheter will then be injected with a dye before the X-ray procedure. Clear visions of the bladder lining, kidneys, and ureters will be enhanced in the X-ray films because of the dye.

  8. When cancer is nowhere to be found but the symptoms of bladder cancer persist along with pain in the bones, a brain scan may be able to help look for cancer. Cancer has the tendency to spread to bones, and bladder cancer is not an exception to it. Low-level radioactivity is the key to the success of this test. It will be transmitted through the veins intravenously. The injected substance will be looking forward to settling in damaged bones within two hours. The camera will easily pick up the affected areas within 30 minutes covering the whole skeletal system.

Like any other cancer, how to diagnose bladder cancer needs to be confirmed by doing two or more tests before arriving at the final results. In most cases, there’s no problem detecting it, but there are special cases that bladder cancer is too hard to ascertain. Professional doctors know what they’re doing, and they need full the compliance from patients to facilitate an early detection of bladder cancer.


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