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how to diagnose brain cancer

how to diagnose brain cancer

Brain cancer is a fatal disease. It occurs when cancer cells attack the brain tissues and form a mass called a tumor. The tumor will disrupt brain functions and, if it remains untreated, can lead to death. The symptoms of brain cancer must be recognized so that further diagnosis may be performed to confirm the disease. There are medical processes on how to diagnose brain cancer accurately.   The noticeable and common symptoms of brain cancer include: extremely painful headaches, sudden seizures, feeling very weak and tired, difficulty in walking, confusion, clumsiness, relentless vomiting, unexplainable blurring of vision, and increased sleepiness or lethargy. Early detection is very advantageous because the smaller the tumor, the easier it is to treat. From the results of the diagnostic procedures, appropriate treatments can follow. Below are the steps and procedures in diagnosing brain cancer:

  1. Submit for a medical assessment. A healthcare provider will usually review the patient’s medical history before conducting physical examinations.

    estions regarding any previous exposure to vinyl chloride and ionizing radiation will be asked since these two substances are known to cause brain tumors. Inherited disorders like Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, multiple endocrine neoplasia, and neurofibromatosis (type 2) must be disclosed. Individuals afflicted with any of these are prone to brain cancer.

  2. See a neurosurgeon specialist. Once symptoms are experienced, see a doctor right away. Ask the doctor about the possible medical actions that may be taken to properly diagnose the illness.

  3. Submit for a computed tomography (CT) scan. This medical diagnostic procedure is painless and more advanced than X-rays. It was developed in the middle part of the 1970’s and has been upgraded today that it can collect 4 slices of images in just 350 microseconds. In order for the machine to clearly see specific organs in the body, a “dye” or contrast agent is administered to the patient before the test. The machine takes multiple images during the scan, and the computer monitor automatically compiles the scanned images into cross-sectional pictures.

  4. Submit for an MRI test. “MRI” stands for magnetic resonance imaging. This is far more sophisticated than a CT scan. The MRI machine is very sensitive in detecting the brain’s anatomic changes. It uses a magnetic field and radio wave energy to get images of the organs or body parts where the pain occurs. The machine is very versatile in that it can detect health problems which other imaging machines cannot see.

  5. Submit the results back to the neurosurgeon specialist. The results of the CT scan and MRI will reveal whether or not there are tumors that are developing in the brain. If tumors do exist, the doctor will recommend further tests to confirm if the tumor is malignant or benign.

  6. Submit for a biopsy. The biopsy can be done either by surgery or by fine needle testing. In open surgery, the tumor is removed. In fine needle biopsy, a small needle is inserted into the tumor, and a piece of sample tissue is removed. The withdrawn tissue will be submitted for laboratory analysis. Thereafter, the pathological results will reveal whether the tumor is malignant or benign.

These medical procedures on how to diagnose brain cancer are taken only after experiencing some of the noticeable symptoms. Suspecting the existence of a malignant tumor in the brain is not enough. Hence, brain cancer treatments may not be received by the patient unless confirmatory tests are conducted. Remember, cancer cells are very active in metastasizing into the other vital organs of the body, and when the tumor reaches an advanced stage, the chance of curing the disease is very small. Therefore, early detection increases the chance of survival.


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