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how to diagnose breast cancer

how to diagnose breast cancer

If breast cancer is rampant in your family line, you should do a BSE, or breast self-examination, at home religiously. On top of that, submit yourself to a clinical breast exam and mammogram at least once a year. How to diagnose breast cancer is getting more advanced presently, but these trusted diagnostic tests below still remain at present:

  1. Your findings through the BSE will be verified by submitting to a clinical breast exam. This is like doing the manual exam yourself but this time with your doctor. You will be asked to shift positions to detect abnormalities in all possible sides. One arm raised and lying on your side are two of the most common positions.

  2. Reduce your worries about a lump or any findings from the clinical breast exam through a mammogram. The breast X-ray is what we call a mammogram. This is advised automatically by any breast specialist for detecting cancerous cells in the breasts. A diagnostic mammogram will follow when there are irregularities detected for abnormalities found during an evaluation.


  3. Once a tumor, lump, or any abnormalities are found, the breast ultrasound will determine if it is benign or cancerous. Sound waves are used to sketch out images of any development inside the body. In some instances, the findings through the breast ultrasound can be just a cyst filled with fluid, or it can also be a compact mass where further evaluation is needed to determine if it’s cancerous or not. A breast ultrasound assists in the radiologic biopsy for breast tissue sampling from a solid mass.

  4. The removal of breast cells from a tumor as a sample is called a biopsy. The specimen will then be tested in the laboratory and analyzed for the type of cells to determine if they are cancerous. The test will also determine the aggressiveness or level of the cancer and the presence of hormone receptors in the sample.

  5. MRIs or magnetic resonance imaging for the breasts use magnetic and radio waves to photograph the interior parts of the breast. The degree of the cancer and the status of the other breast can be measured through an MRI. This is facilitated only after the biopsy that concludes it is cancerous.

  6. The test does not stop after detecting a cancerous cell in the breast. Staging is done by the doctor to know the extent of the cancer. The treatments recommended by the specialist will depend on the prognosis of the disease. A bone scan may be ordered. Computerized tomography, or CT scan, and positron emission tomography, or PET scan, are two other tests that may be ordered along with blood tests and blood counts.

A cancer patient may not experience all the tests mentioned. It’s really dependent on the grade of the cancer that the doctor is sorting out to decide the right treatments necessary. When the cancer has metastasized or spread to other parts of the body, it’s already a stage IV. On the other end, “0” refers to a non-invasive cancer. So the grade of cancer ranges from 0 to IV. How to diagnose breast cancer is a gradual process. The results of each diagnostic test must be carefully analyzed to be able to come up with the correct conclusion. Other people are even seeking second opinions because there are already cases in the past that the findings were not accurate thus shattering lives despite the fact that, in reality, cancer did not exist. Brave people, on the other hand, took control of their cancer and beat it in the end through lifestyle changes because of early detection.


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