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how to diagnose kidney cancer

how to diagnose kidney cancer

Kidney cancers will not be easily detected unless they have developed into a large scale. Hematuria, or blood in the urine, pain in the lower back, and the presence of a lump at the sides of the back may be some of the indications. How to diagnose kidney cancer is not facilitated just by checking out the symptoms because other kidney diseases also have more or less the same symptoms. A doctor’s visit may lead you to the following diagnostic tests if there’s a suspicion of kidney cancer in your system:

  1. It is a must that doctors will have a full recount of your medical history. A thorough physical examination also must be done completely to verify some signs of kidney cancer. All the information taken from these procedures will lead to the cause and nature of the disease.

  2. Being able to take internal images using X-rays with magnetic fields aided with radioactive substances changes the course of the cancer diagnosis for the better. It’s determined here if the abnormalities found are cancerous or not.


  3. A computed tomography scan is an imaging system showing cross-sectional images of relevant internal parts of the body. This will point out where and how the cancer is actually located.

  4. Magnetic resonance imaging is another medical breakthrough using a body capsule with radio waves and magnets. This will show the extent of the kidney cancer aside from identifying it.

  5. Sound waves creating images of organs inside the body are used by ultrasound. It can verify if a kidney tumor is solid or liquid-based. Its echo patterns produce a distinctive sound when a kidney mass is detected.

  6. A positron emission tomography scan is done by injecting radioactive sugar into the blood. Small compositions of cancer cells can be detected including the direction where and how they have spread already near the kidneys.

  7. Intravenous pyelogram is a urinary system X-ray using a special dye injected into a vein.  The kidneys absorb the dye, and it settles within the areas having abnormalities thus detecting problem areas and the degree of damage.

  8. Angiography also uses dye for a contrasting effect although this is injected through a catheter and connected to a large artery leading to the kidneys. This will point out the problem and traces the blood vessels that support a kidney tumor.

  9. Metastasis of kidney cancer to the lungs can be checked through a chest X-ray. This is done after being diagnosed with kidney cancer. Saving the lungs from cancer is crucial for the patient’s survival.

  10. A bone scan will show if the kidney cancer has metastasized to the bones. This involves injecting a low-level, radioactive substance intravenously to be able to see the coverage of the affected parts.

  11. Laboratory tests are not for the detection of kidney cancer, but they can initially find any problems in the kidneys. This will also give a general report on the whole well-being of a person. This is important in sorting out if the patient is strong enough to endure kidney cancer treatments and their side effects.

How to diagnose kidney cancer is based on the disease’s stages of development. The intensity of the treatment plan will depend largely on how big, how fast, and how sensitive the kidney cancer is. Coupled with the actual health situation of the patient, doctors will be able to design not only effective methods of treatments but also the most suitable ways of healing.


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