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How to Dissolve Heel Bone Spurs

How to Dissolve Heel Bone Spurs

Bone spurs or osteophytes in medical terminology are projections that extend from bones. There are various reasons for the development of bone spurs, but the most common is aging. As a person ages, the body gets more and more thrown off its natural trajectory, which is why irregularities occur, such as bone spurs. People who develop these spurs often suffer from great discomfort and pain due to the awkward places the spurs grow. In the case of heel bone spurs, it is especially painful since we often put press on the heel. Nevertheless, there are ways to get rid of heel bone spurs. The most direct method is surgical removal. Note, however, that as with many surgeries, this particular one also has its own possible side effects, such as chronic pain and numbness. If you are more attuned to conservative and non-surgical procedures on how to dissolve heel bone spurs, here are a couple tips that you can consider:

  1. Consume the necessary vitamins. There are certain vitamins integral to dissolving heel bone spurs. These are vitamins C, D, E, and K.

    Vitamin C is found in citric fruits and juices; vitamin D can be found in fortified milk; vitamin E is in green vegetables and whole grains; while vitamin K is found in cauliflower. These vitamins have the cumulative effect of being able to dissolve bone spurs. In addition to this, they also have a myriad of other benefits.

  2. Eat food or supplements that provide calcium and magnesium. These two nutrients have the combined effect of alleviating the pain a heel bone spur cause and dissolving the spur itself. There are numerous foods rich in these nutrients. Some examples of food with the highest magnesium content are raw spinach, mackerel, soy beans, brown rice, and avocados. In the case of calcium, examples of food with the highest calcium content are non-fat milk, tofu, cooked okra, broccoli, and green snap beans. If you want greater doses of these two nutrients, you can look for calcium and magnesium supplements in pharmacies as well.

  3. Soak with a brown paper bag and apple cider vinegar. Some forms of bone spurs are simply calcium deposits, while others are actual bone growths. The first kind is easier to treat and can even be addressed at home. If the calcium deposits start to become noticeably painful, one course of action is to use apple cider vinegar and apply it on the area for an extended period of time. The way to do this would be to soak a brown paper bag (or any other material that is flat and has absorptive abilities) in apple cider vinegar, cut a piece of it, and place on the heel. Use a bandage or something similar to fasten the soaked piece.

Although there are only few homeopathic remedies in dealing with bone spurs; there are numerous ways to help alleviate any associated pain. Learning how to dissolve heel bone spurs, however, is still important because prolonged and neglected spurs can damage nearby nerves and bones as well. In light of this, when the pain becomes too extreme and the noted remedies do not work for you, it is best to immediately consult a doctor and determine the best course of action on your heel bone spur. Ultimately, though, it is still best to prevent bone spurs from happening altogether by eating healthy and exercising.


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