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How to do a Smokey Eye Look

How to do a Smokey Eye Look

Wondering how to do that sultry, smokey eye look? All it takes is a little expertise in applying eye makeup. Learn how to do a smokey eye look for the perfect night out. It is not complicated to do because you only need to apply one shade in varying intensity. Develop your skills with the aid of the instructions below:

  1. Choose the shade you like. Brown, gray, black, dark plum, and navy are ideal. Make sure you also have eyeliner that matches the selected color. You will need only one color, so it is important to select the one that suits your hair, eyes and outfit.

  2. Start by applying a thin layer of foundation on your eyelids. You can also use a primer or concealer. It will not only make your eye makeup last longer, but will also make it look bold and vibrant. Apply a neutral or flesh-colored shadow or powder. Shimmer is popularly used as highlight, but it really depends on your preferences. It adds light to the eyes, making them strikingly beautiful for the night. Make sure to blend it well with your skin to achieve a natural look.

  3. Trace your lash line with the use of eyeliner, working from the inside and making it thicker towards the end. Emphasize your inner rims to give your eyes more definition. Blend with the use of a cotton bud to lighten the outer part. The heavily colored section must settle in the part of the eye area that needs to be deepened. Beware: Heavy eye shadow application throughout the eye area can look unfeminine and unattractive.

  4. Brush your chosen eye shadow color mostly in the lash line area, blending it towards the brow bone and diffusing the eyeliner in the process. This will give a lot of definition to your eyes. Using a soft brush, blend away the harsh lines if there are any for a softer smokey effect. Hold a tissue under your eyes to catch falling eye shadow powder. Be consistent in using these techniques on both eyes.

  5. Curl your lashes for the finishing touch. Repeat the curling process to enhance the curl, and then apply mascara. Once the first application has dried out, reapply it to give the eyelashes more volume. This will add a sexy twist to your smokey eye makeup. Use a white eye pencil to line your waterline and extend it towards your tear duct. It will make your eyes look bigger, healthier and fresher. Aside from that, the white eye liner will also bring out the color of your iris. Finally, put on a little lip gloss or a light-colored lipstick to give emphasis to your smokey eyes.

Knowing how to do a smokey eye look gives you the liberty to enhance your eye makeup in a daring manner. It definitely has a dramatic effect when worn at night. It complements the excitement of the evening. Your evening outfit will look a lot nicer with this kind of makeup.


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