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How to Do an Updo

How to Do an Updo

Instead of being dependent on a hairstylist, you can learn how to do an updo by following some simple steps. There are several kinds of updos that you can apply to your own hair. Here are three of the easiest updos that you can use to spice up your look: French Twist The French Twist is one of the most common yet elegant updos that you can try on your hair. It makes you look chic and stylish, and is perfect for a simple night out.

  1. Before you start, introduce some volume by dividing your newly washed and dried hair into sections and placing hot rollers in them. Let the rollers cool.

  2. Remove the rollers once they have cooled and arrange your curls.

  3. Gather your hair into a ponytail at ear level. However, you don’t need to secure it at this point.

  4. Twist your hair by itself and tuck the ends into the twist. Anchor it with bobby pins. It will be helpful to crisscross some of the pins so as to better secure it.


  5. Smooth out your hair by brushing over the French twist and securing stray pieces with bobby pins.

  6. To add more shine to your hair, use some shine spray. Also use a hairspray to keep it in place.

Chignon Although the bun may look complicated, it is actually easy to do a chignon. Besides, it does not have to be perfect as, the messier the chignon, the better it looks.
  1. Use hot rollers to add volume to your hair.

  2. Apply some texturing spray to make your hair flexible, soft, and easy to style.

  3. Pull the hair into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.

  4. Divide the ponytail into four different sections.

  5. Apply hairspray on one section at a time. Then, twist one section and wind the hair near the top of the ponytail. Leave the ends out and secure the twisted hair with bobby pins. To add aesthetic value, choose bobby pins that match the color of your clothes or your hair.

  6. Remember that the chignon is not supposed to look perfectly neat, so it is okay to leave some ends out. However, if it looks extremely messy, you can opt to pin some of the ends down using bobby pins.

  7. Finally, spray your hair with hairspray to make it last the day.

Side-Swept Hair This look is great for curly hair, for it adds cushion and acts as an anchor for the bobby pins. However, if your hair is not naturally curly or wavy, you can still rock this look.
  1. To create the curly look, use a curling iron and set the finished product with a hairspray. If your hair is already naturally wavy, you can smoothen the frizzy hair by using a curling iron as well.

  2. Use your comb to make a deep side part on either side, leaving sections in front of both your ears. One section should be smaller than the other.

  3. Swing the rest of your hair across your left shoulder and secure it with bobby pins at your nape. In this way, you have created a side ponytail without elastic bands.

  4. Divide the smaller section into two pieces, and then divide the larger section into four pieces.

  5. Twist a piece from each side towards the back of your head and pin it over your pony. Repeat this twice.

  6. As for the remaining two pieces in the larger section, twirl them on the right side of your back and secure them with hairpins. Keep them in place with a hairspray.

Aside from the three styles mentioned above, you can learn how to do an updo in even more complicated ways. You can also experiment with your hair to create your own fabulous hairstyles.


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