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How to do Biofeedback for Anxiety

How to do Biofeedback for Anxiety

Anxiety happens to everyone. You may become anxious minutes before a big job interview, moments before a championship game you’re participating, or during any number of stressful situations. In fact, some psychologists consider bouts of anxiety to be a natural and essential type of psychological distress, as it alleviates the inner turmoil that you have and better prepares you for the upcoming activity. While this can be true, however, some people suffer more than just occasional bouts of anxiety. Their anxiety is so crippling that it stops them from carrying out everyday functions. These are people who suffer from general anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and irrational phobias. While there are numerous psychological interventions that can help people with crippling anxiety attacks, biofeedback offers a novel and powerful approach. The entire concept of biofeedback is based on the idea that people are able to modify their physiological functions if they are made aware of the abnormalities that beset them. In the biofeedback set-up, a person is hooked up to an instrument that measures bodily functions, such as heart rate, for example, and a professional trains the person to manipulate their heart rate.

After extended periods of training, the person will now be able to manipulate it without the use of an instrument, which can lead to a better and healthier life. Knowing how to do biofeedback for anxiety, therefore, opens new opportunities for a happier life for people who suffer anxiety disorders. Here are a few things you need to take note of if you’re interested in doing biofeedback for your own anxiety problems:

  1. Understanding the nature of your anxiety. The first thing to consider before trying biofeedback is to understand the type of anxiety you experience. Seeking a psychiatrist’s help has a stigma, but when you have anxiety issues, your best bet is to consult a psychiatrist. This way, you are sure to figure out whatever disorder or condition you have. The psychiatrist will also be able to properly counsel you regarding biofeedback.

  2. Knowing the extent of your need for biofeedback. While everyone with anxiety disorders can benefit from biofeedback, there are some who need it more than others. The usual remedy for severe anxiety is medication. However, those with anxiety may be in danger of becoming dependent on certain medications. This means that they need to look for alternative ways, such as biofeedback, to resolve their problems.

  3. Identifying the kind of biofeedback you need. There are numerous biofeedback methods, and the one for you depends on the kind of physiological manipulation that you need to deal with your problems. In the case of anxiety, a combination of several of these is the most. In particular, it is suggested that you use biofeedback for breathing, ectodermal response, finger pulse, and skin temperature.

    A. Breathing. This allows the person to modulate their breathing, reducing the possibility of serious panic attacks.

    B. Ectodermal Response. This biofeedback mechanism limits sweat gland activity, limiting heavy sweating.

    C. Finger Pulse. This regulates the pulse rate of the fingers, which relates to the activity of the autonomic nervous system.

    D. Skin Temperature. The final kind of biofeedback applicable to anxiety is skin temperature, which is related to the amount of blood flow going to and from the skin.

  4. A more positive life outlook. In most cases, biofeedback is coupled with counseling sessions geared toward helping the person take a more positive and healthy outlook on life. Along with the physiological manipulation biofeedback offers, this positive outlook makes the person less susceptible to anxiety attacks by reducing their fixation on negative outcomes and events.

Without a doubt, biofeedback offers new avenues and chances for people who are beset with anxiety problems. By learning how to do biofeedback for anxiety, the worries of yesteryear can now be forgotten. Instead, you can now look forward to the wealth of opportunities that await you in the future.


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