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how to do call forwarding

how to do call forwarding

There may be times that you have to leave home on account of an extended business trip or educational tour, and you just can’t afford to miss an important call on your home landline number. Even if you cannot magically remedy the problem, your alternative is to know how to do call forwarding before you proceed on your trip. Call forwarding, also known as call diverting, is a kind of communication service feature offered by some telecommunication companies. Call forwarding is mainly a process of allowing any incoming call, the recipient of which is otherwise not available at the moment, to be forwarded to another mobile phone number currently held by the intended recipient. To activate the call forwarding service in your home phone, here are the steps.

  1. Refer to your home phone provider. Calling your landline number provider is necessary so that you can be properly advised on the features, if any, that you must add to your phone at home so it can perform call diverting. Often times, all you need is to subscribe to your provider’s “call forwarding” service for a fee.

    n inquiring, don’t forget to ask for the call forwarding code which you will use to activate the service on your phone. Also request the user’s manual.

  2. Initially program your home phone. The very first step to activate the call diverting service on your home phone is to pick up the receiver. Listen to it until you hear the regular dial tone. Continue by pressing the code given by your service provider, if any, and wait again for the dial tone.

  3. Dial the necessary call forwarding codes. On the numerical keypad of your home phone, generally you can dial either the *72 keys or #72 keys so that the call forwarding service will be activated. If your home phone is somewhat like a rotary-dial model like in the 1980’s, carefully dial the numbers 1172. Setting up your home phone is much like trying to make a call.

  4. Enter your mobile phone number. Right after the dial tone signifying that the call forwarding option of your home phone is now ready, that is the time to enter your mobile phone number to which you wish to forward the incoming call. Usually, you can input just the 10-digit number including the corresponding area code. For instance, dial #72 321 098 7654.

    But since you have a cell phone, it is recommended that you consult your network provider first and ask for the necessary requirements, if any, about your call diverting service. If you are trying to forward the call to another landline number, once the programming is successful you will hear confirmation tone letting you know that the service is now functional.

  5. Make a test call. The test call is to verify that the call forwarding service is fully operational. Use another home phone, perhaps your friend’s landline number, and then dial your complete home phone number. After that, you should notice that the call is immediately forwarded to your cell phone. Try picking up the call, rather than cancelling it, to completely ensure the system is well-enabled.

  6. Deactivate the service. Upon getting home from your business trip, you may now choose to turn off the call forwarding system you installed on your home phone. You can disable the service at any time. Just dial *73 or #73 from your home phone (or dial the numbers 1173 on your rotary dial). Thereafter, you should hear confirmation tone indicating that the deactivation procedure has been successful.

The activation and the deactivation keys and numbers we have identified above refer to the general codes provided by most telecommunication companies. For best results, always refer to your service provider for the correct codes. Since you are now familiar of the necessary steps on how to do call forwarding, you will never miss a call wherever you are, starting today. It wouldn’t be too much to say “thank you” to Ernest J. Bonanno, the highly-creative man who invented the call forwarding system which you are about to experience and enjoy.


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