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How to do Dramatic Eye Makeup

How to do Dramatic Eye Makeup

Some people have naturally expressive eyes. If you don’t fall into this category, you can achieve a simple, sophisticated, provocative or dramatic look with the help of eye makeup. Learning how to do dramatic eye makeup is the key to making an impression. Read on for detailed instructions:

  1. Draw a line above your eyelid or your inner lid using an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner. Do this with one eye closed and the other eye looking at the mirror, making sure that you are following the curve of your eyelid and drawing the line up to the corner of your eye. It is up to you to determine how thick it should be. Use black eyeliner to achieve the maximum effect on both eyes.

  2. Continue by drawing a thin line on the lower lid up to the corner of your eye using the same eyeliner. Make sure the line on the upper lid is thicker. Stay close to the lash line. Make the ends a bit pointed for a slightly dramatic effect.

  3. Imitate the cat-eye look: Angle out the corners of your eyes with upward curves.

    Just trace the frame of the eyes and make the ends a bit thicker for smokey eyes. Make the angle point slightly upwards for a seductive effect. You can adapt the different styles according to the situation and your mood.

  4. Apply any dark-colored eye shadow from the brow line to the lash line. You can match it with the color of your outfit or your skin tone as long as you choose a dark shade. Don’t use eye shadow that does not match black eyeliner (e.g. plain white eye shadow). Bright-colored eye shadow is good for an enhanced, dramatic effect.

  5. Apply a shiny, light color from your brow bone to your eyebrow for the cat-eye look. For the smokey look, apply a medium-colored eye shadow right on the brow bone and smudge it upward. For the seductive look, choose a lighter eye shadow and only apply it under your eyebrow. Practice blending the colors to see the effect. Make adjustments as appropriate and always apply makeup to both eyes symmetrically.

  6. Apply mascara on your upper eyelashes. Make it a bit thick for a more dramatic look. You may apply a thin coat on your lower eyelashes, but be careful not to smudge it. If you anticipate that you are going to sweat, it is better to not wear it at all. That way, you can avoid ruining your makeup and your appearance. Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara to them for a more sophisticated appearance. If you’re looking for a more natural or nude look, “limp” eyelashes should work just fine.

  7. Finish off with a light lipstick and blush-on. Dark shades on your lips and cheeks will take attention away from your eyes. You can even just use lip gloss for your lips and blush-on that’s just a little bit darker than your skin tone.

Once you learn how to do dramatic eye makeup, you can experiment with different possibilities. For instance, you can substitute the recommended shades with colors that you like.


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