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How to Do Eyebrows at Home

How to Do Eyebrows at Home

Learning how to do eyebrows at home can be quite frightening, particularly if it’s your first time. It is ideal to go to the salon for eyebrow reshaping: It is safe, and you can rely on an expert to do it right. But for how long can you continue doing this? Sooner or later, you have to learn the skill yourself. Fortunately, this article will show you how to get the job done. Keep on reading:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror. Tie up your hair with an elastic string before you commence. You will work better when your hair is not in the way. Prepare small scissors, specifically eyebrow scissors, which you can use to trim long eyebrow-hair strands. Prepare an eyebrow brush or an old mascara brush together with eyebrow pencil and a ruler. Most of these items can be bought from a beauty or cosmetics store near you.

  2. Keep your natural eyebrow shape. If your natural eyebrows are not thinning, they will only need a little enhancing. Use an old mascara brush and then brush your eyebrows upwards.

    Use scissors to trim down the long brow strands following the natural eyebrow line. Once done, brush the eyebrows downwards and then cut off the long strands following the arch line below the eyebrow. Take a closer look to check if the shape is nicely done. Finish by brushing the entire eyebrow horizontally.

  3. Learn your eyebrow’s precise dimensions to determine whether you were born with naturally long eyebrows. Take the ruler and keep an eyebrow pencil handy. Place the ruler upright in front of your face and then set it on the top edge of your nose - directly ahead of the side corner of your eye’s tear duct. That is where the measurement should start to get the exact dimensions of the eyebrow’s basic shape. Mark the spot with the eyebrow pencil. Use the same technique on the other eyebrow for symmetry.

  4. Pluck or tweeze the hairs that go beyond the marked spot. Make sure to clean them up well. Brush your eyebrow upwards and then cut off the long hair strands that emerge from the natural eyebrow line. Repeat the same procedure below the eyebrow line. Brush your eyebrow downwards and then cut off the long hairs to make the natural arch of your eyebrow obvious. Pluck away existing hairs above and below the eyebrow line.

  5. Set the perfect dimensions for your eyebrow curve. Position the eyebrow pencil upright on the top edge of your nose and at a slight angle on the outermost edge of your eye. Put a dot on that spot using an eyebrow pencil - that should be the end curve of your eyebrow. Pluck off the excess hairs beyond the spot. Do the same thing on the other eyebrow.

  6. Keep your eyebrows neat and well-shaped. If your eyebrows are too thick, then you need to thin them out. If you are confident enough to do this, create a pattern before plucking to make sure that it comes out beautifully. Remember not to overdo the tweezing or thinning. Eyebrows that are close to their simple and natural form are the best.

No one can stand staring at their out of shape eyebrows. Practice these tips on how to do eyebrows at home until you are confident enough to do them yourself.


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