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How to Do Glamour Shots at Home

How to Do Glamour Shots at Home

Who doesn’t like looking their best and having great photos as keepsakes of those moments? However, if you think you need professionals to prettify you and even take your photos, you're wrong. There are effective ways how to do glamour shots at home, such as the following:

  1. Get the following items: a camera with a 5 MP resolution (or more) or a DSLR camera, if you have it. You can even use the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Just install photo-editing/taking software with a timer feature. Also, prepare a posing stool, a small fan, cosmetics, hairstyling products, and accessories (e.g., feather boas, pearl necklaces, scarves, sexy outfits, hats, etc.). You can also enlist the help of a friend or two for this task. If you know someone who's got a good eye for photography, have him or her help out with your shots. Or if you know someone who's handy with makeup, have her do yours.

  2. Find two to three suitable locations for the shoot. It can be your bedroom, living room, or garage, depending on the amount of light in the room and the color of the walls.

    Your background should not look busy. It should be plain enough so the focus stays on the subject—you.

  3. If you can't seem to find a suitable background in your home, hang a sheet over a wall. There should be enough light to keep your pictures from looking dark, but not too much. Aim for soft lighting that helps you create strategic shadows to add mystery and sexiness to your photos.

  4. You can also do the shoot outdoors. If you want to do the shoot in your backyard, do so early in the morning or close to sunset, as the soft daylight will be flattering.

  5. Pick out the outfits or ensembles you want to wear. They should flatter your figure and make you feel sexy and confident. If possible, pick solid-colored pieces so they don't take the focus away from your face. If they have prints, keep accessories to a minimum or eliminate them altogether. If you must use accessories, wear one type for each photo.

  6. Choose a sexy hairstyle. Create waves or curls with a curling iron, or go for straight hair. You can also opt for a tousled, beach/bed hair look, depending on the accompanying outfit. Spritz on hairspray to set curly styles so they last throughout the photography session.

  7. Apply makeup that emphasizes your eyes. Makeup for photography is a bit different in that you'll need to apply it more heavily so your face registers well on camera. Line your eyes, wear false eyelashes, and apply eyeshadow so that you create a heavy-lidded effect. Smoky eyes also work for glamour shots. Don't be heavy handed with the blush, though—just enough to give you a glowing flush. Go for lipstick that gives you a rosy, feminine pout and top it with lip gloss to make your lips look plump and luscious.

  8. When taking the photos, make sure that the light shines on you. Having it come at a certain angle is all right, as long as your face and other key features are still clearly visible.

  9. Match your poses and expressions to the mood of the location or lighting. You can turn your head away from the cam or look slightly off center for a dramatic effect. Your chin should point down slightly so that your face looks slimmer. Furthermore, keep your mouth slightly open so you pull off a sexy open-mouthed look.

  10. Angle the camera a little bit above your eyes or look up a little at the lens so that there's a bit of white under your irises, which creates the illusion of bigger eyes.

In terms of how to do glamour shots at home, if you're shooting with a smartphone or tablet with a timer, set it so that it takes multiple shots in one sitting, with a few seconds allowance in between, enough to give you time to change poses or expressions. You should be able to check on how you’re doing. If not, put a full-length mirror behind the camera so you can see. Just make sure you don't forget to look into the camera in time for the shot.


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